posted on June 1, 2007 at 4:32 am

which v. famous aussie rocker rang me at 330 in the morning
and left a rambling message on my answering machine?
oh god i cant tell you
and wouldnt mean much to non australian reeders
i guess…
had pea patzises(how do ya spell it) from the maltese joint
in surrey hills
drank a fiji water parked down a side street
with nk and yon goode bumper
we just driving round goofing off
in the winters sun
refo mation comes on
oh god it all comes back to me
living in rozelle in my olde house
91 mansfield street
they should put a plaque up there
and just over the road i had my own proper studio
with all the equipment
pianos n mikes n couches n mixing desks n glass n
little machines with blinking red lights
only trubble was i was on the gear
and couldnt appreciate one iota of it
any way thats where we did the refo
marty was with all about eve
and i guess we didnt have nothing better to do
i think you can tell i wasnt trying too hard
but theres some nice moments nonetheless
oh mr silver please come in
we been waiting for you sucha long time…
i used to stand outside the studio a lot
waiting for a certain white car to pull up
so i could escape the withdrawals starting to gnaw at me
i’d be standing there yawning feeling anxious restless
my eyes would be sore and i’d feel shivery
she said she was gonna be here an hour ago….
1st thing you learn is you always gotta wait…
yeah all the cliches in spades
anyway shes always late my lady of the gear
and when she rolls up 3 hours late
do i run out and lambast her
“where the hella you been? i been waiting for hours!”
like fuck i do
its oh hi
how are ya?
oh yeah lovely day here
on this bleak corner in rozelle
waiting for you oh lady of the gear
im just so happy to see you at all
look heres a loada money
i hadda scrape to find
now please lay that sweet poison on me
cut and underweight as it is
and you can go and see some other poor wretch
whos desperate to see your white holden pull into his street

now by this time tp n pk probably given up on me
waiting outside the studio
not putting too much in today
suddenly i return
they start saying
steve where is the chorus etc
or something
and im saying
see ya inna minute
then i mainline that poison straight into a vein on my arm or leg
and suddenly all that achey restless nauseous nastiness
is replaced with a smack thru my system
its not like an orgasm as some say
it is not comparable
as soon as the stuff is in the bloodstream
you taste it in your throat
and then voila
whatever felt badde
in a split second
feels goode
a pleasant languidness comes on
i feel hungry again
i feel drowsy
i feel like talking
long stupid rambling free associations that no one follows
i set to work on the music
but most of me is missing
the lyrics are tossed off
i cant find anything that really moves me
im in love with the poison and thats it
everything else is a bit of a hassle actually
life is a memory
i dont care about nothing or no one
nearly as much as the poison
the poison possesses me
it talks to me
it tells me my truths
and it justifies my neglect
and shaky shoddy dealings
and pawning n selling my stuff
and borrowing money off…anyone
can ya lend me a hundred bucks…?
jus’ for a few days…
still there are some good moments on the re fo
despite myself
half the tracks are real corkers
its got some good mystery to it
especially me
who cant remember much
except waiting waiting waiting
or falling into a nice coma
while listening to the music
(my fave past time)

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