posted on December 23, 2010 at 5:48 pm

adore way

i believe in a god

he does lovely things so calmly

creative and brilliantly handsome

music drifts from his flute

the pelican arrives by the sea

the sea is full of sand

the lagoon is dark at dusk

the first star twinkles in its strange depths

mermaids sing out on the islands between the heads

the lord carrying his surfboard to the shore

perfectly muscled blesses the water

dolphins ride thru the waves to meet him


vishnu in bondi

jesus is a carpenter working on that block of flats

he hammers away at the joins and the studs

my birthday soon he thinks

the jacaranda tree strains towards the lord

mithras himself a waiter at the italian place on ray st

he’s such a god no one can deny

the pelican just sits there waiting for something

i go down the pavilion and and have juice

the sky is quite green reflecting the nature of jealously

restless red blood pounds my temple

i throw aside the veil of civilization as i descend to the seas bed

down down down i go

my breath bursts in my bubble

the air sobs for release

at last i rise to find a fine mist on the sea

all the people are gone

how long was i down in that water i say to no one

the pelican on the shore twitches a little maybe its asleep

the clouds are rolling in alright like regulation grey blankets

the rooftops the chimneys the swaying hibiscus

the oozing nectar from the flowers stamen

the drone of bee

the swarm of zephyr

the night comes down gently

krsna strolls out from an indian restaurant

its that kind of night

magic yes ordinary yes enchanted yes everyday yes

the quiet house

the slightly rattled windows

the blinds sway n click in the breeze

the ringing in my ears

the pelican decides to leave

no one notices him climb into that grey warm air

its nearly christmas isnt it?

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