posted on July 1, 2009 at 7:59 pm

tonite the troc
the very gig i met my sweet lil wife in 1998
wife told em
i gonna marry him
and lo it came to pass
nk could remember our future together
before it happened
as soon as we met up…….well…
and it happened here
in these very rooms
last night was a strange but good gig
after the big fair dinkum theatre at falls church
we do this like dinner cabaret set up at the rams head
something in me fires
and i jump around all night like a childe
so full of energy i was simply astonished
all on this tiny little stage
felt like i was showing off to my parents friends
and i gave it to em with both barrels
there was lots of cheering and standing up by the audience
they enjoyed it quite a bit i would say
the room had a weird L shape
and it seemed most people were in the wrong part of the L
bloody L !
afterwards there were meteorologists doctors engineers
and peoples with other interesting jobs
sign stuff etc
today we drive to philly
city of brotherly love
we drive thru a bit of delaware
we arrive at troc
but everything seems to have changed
the rooms the same
but all the ghosts have gone
the memories do not cling
i find no trace left of our first meeting here
it was cold and dark that night
today is sunny and bright
i can suck nothing out of this building
like the time me n russell visited our old school
but could find no nostalgia lingering
we stood there empty handed in the quadrangle
but no old memories came flocking to soothe us
to lead us back where we obviously wanted to go
back to the days of yore and your youth
the sun was too bright that day
russell said : the ghosts wont come in this sun….
its just another empty venue in the afternoon
like a load of others
with its own charms and blues
with its one million stories
with its sweat n blood n tears n beers n ash
with its faded grandeur
with its whatever it was
ive played here maybe 4 times now
we never get a very big crowd
and its quite a big gig
man it would be good to see them balconys full…
steven tyler : dream on!
last nite was a stadium show in a 300 seat cafe
if only if only if only
philly is a big busy and occasionally heavy city
dont be in the wrong parts and acting dumb, now
be cool and hopeth that they treatheth thee cool
was recognized twice on the road
once at a truckside stop buying trail mix
a lady with her extended family in tow :
excuse me are you a singer?
me : yes i am
oh wow i saw you guys last night…
the whole family are happy for her
they all stand back smiling happily
the grandfather says
keep talking we like your accent
the next time is in the carpark
a lady asks me to sign her u 23 cd
gladly lady that mayest i do..
now im just sitting here
did a huge yoga session this morning
lotta people suddenly interested in yoga
tim says to me
are you the first person to do yoga n rock
at the same time
i dunno
the 2 somehow go together
why have all this flexibilty n mobility n not use it
so i go up n down n round n about
i crouch n hop n jump n skip
it feels real good to do it
it just kinda happens
but there also is a message
do it or become stiff forever
(but not where you wanted probably)
you dont have to get so old so fast
or do what you like
and you’ll be sorry
when youre my age
and you cant bend yer knees
or you cant hop skip n bleeding jump
go ahead sit there then
yoga is like magic
but you dont get to cast a spell for a while
till you show yer dedication n resilience
no easy quick way
only hours of hard but lovely work
as you tune in
yeah tune in
to your self
to the planet
to the universe
sounds grandiose?
sure it is
hey i’m made of the very stuff of this universe
my intelligence
bewildered by maya
seduced by the zeitgeist
has some how gotten me outta tune
i need to get back in tune
i need to apprehend phenomena accurately
like a cat does
you dont see cats miss the mark when they jump on a fence
they dont hesitate they dont second guess
they feel it
the intuitively know exactly how high n hard to jump
thats what yoga will give you eventually
and if you practice hard for five years n you dont get that
whatever else you did get
will more than make up for it
its win/win
its guaranteed
i hear a lotta talk about protein
a lotta people say they cant be vegan cos theres no protein
where do gorillas get their protein then?
a lotta big heavy lazy people say they need their protein
looks to me you hadda enough “protein” for a while, my friend
if you sit at a desk and watch tv and not much exercise
why you need all this protein
if you a marathon runner ok i guess
but c’mon
look around ya
where do i get my sodding protein from
and im not fucking fading away am i?
i got energy to sing it out and heft heavy bass and jump about
wheres all the protein i needed for that?
i tell you where
by abstaining a little from all that delicious food
by exercising and breathing
by the sunlight and fresh air from chi and prana
from water and fruit and vegetables
just like a gorilla
yeah i got 24 hour non stop on tap energy
i can pull a song outta the air or walk along ten mile beach
never puffed out
no aches n pains
can sleep at night
this quality of life is so important
in my naivete i urge it upon you
in my heart i dont believe anyone “needs” meat
tho they say they do
i dont believe it
its their meat addiction talking them back into it
yes even after years n years’
you dont need it
you just want it
anyway come along n see me
see if you think i’m telling the truth
yoga is the bees knees
one day youll even thank me if you start n persevere
the ones who dont will never know
aint it always the way

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