posted on June 5, 2008 at 9:03 pm

1 cup of rice milk
one cup of soy milk(or almond or oat milk)
1 banana (hopefully not screaming!)
2 or 3 dates..(like 13/9/54)
1 spoonful of peanut butter
i squirt of flaxseed
burp (optional)

oh next sunday i have a big day
vegan expo at 2 15 down by the harbour
then concert for dalai lhama (rama bang bing dong)
at 7 30
singing utmw with jimmy little (austs 1st indigenous popstar)
and some marvellous pianist

yesterday as i was getting ready to leave
a mynah bird flew in the kitchen
it took me 20 minutes to get rid of it
stupid thing was all frightened
got caught between window n fly screen
eventually i had to give it a smack round the head
with the broom to make it see sense
almost falling off the balcony to do so
man that lil birdie wont be back in here for a while
(ooh what a cruel olde killer???!!!)

nk n woofle n i parked on the tip of north bondi
and watch the angry sea and the driving rain
occaisionally woofle says something brilliant like
its wet!
the woofle has the wildest beethoven hair
she is definitely the weirdest n most difficult of all my kids
she is also a genius at something we aint figured out yet
her proportions are exquisite
the sweep of her little jaw
her well spaced sky blue eyes
her broad honest face
her scarlet lips n white white teeth
her husky little voice
what a character…….ooh she gets me mad sometimes
bossing the whole house around
ameliorated by a single kiss n i love you dad…

working on church with tim n jorden b
mixing starts next week
today still fixing things up
yesterday tim puts up yet another new unsung song
i wrote this:
i watched the sunken sun shrink
and all the rivers just ran outta steam
eternity loomed n my garret room
i think i saw ya in some kinda dream…
but then i ran out of oomph
to finish it all off with…
on long way home
jorden listened to shriek for the 1st time
marty has said its brilliant n “rad”
jorden loved all my accents
(i let a few of my demons out for this)
and this is no joke
work has been completed on
down to the cardboard
a very weird collection of instrumental trax
which started life as alt-country n ended up kraut rock
coming soon coming soon!!
(this one is martys baby)
so thats
down to the cardboard
coffee hounds ep
mercator projection
kil/ken presents….
new church album featuring 17 min epic w/ cello
isidore ep(?!)
gb3 new record featuring moi (i aint done it yet tho’)
plus get stoned n paint dvd (hey nelg…wheres me footage?)
plus mystery gig in melby early july (not open to the hoi polloi)
plus gigs being planned which are related to mystery gig
clue: guessed singer
plus various contributions to various things all coming to fruition…
on the negative side
i have still not addressed my tax issue n now im being fined
(which aint fine by me!)
and then you see how they squander yer hard earned dough
on bloody stupid things like war
instead of libraries
(but what do i know…im stupid n naive)

my exhibition in ohio in june
the empty place fiendss
tho my paintings are anything but empty
please attend if you can
and buy up all my paintings n prints
and help me sustain my delusions of grandeur
these are the best paintings ive ever done
and i wish they were ‘anging on yer wall
i know holly will make y’all welcome
and is ready to accept all that cash-ola

just in
in the
oh no department!!!
matchbox 20 are doing yep you guessed it
under the wilky may as an encore
please rob please…bleat my song carefully
and send me some fucking $$$$$$, will ya?

today we’re looking after daisy the labradoodle
who belongs to sophie who was matty c’s partner
of course i said “matty” and daisy sits up looking for him
i bet that dang dog misses that man…he took her for lotsa walks
we miss him too…it must be over a month now…

note for davem n mr humphries fans
the new church record contains the following words
am i becoming a vulgar fraction?

moor soon
i’m off to swim in the seapool

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