posted on October 17, 2006 at 9:33 pm

over stimulation
cloudy sultry morning
sydney reluctantly gets out of bed
all the deals to be done
and the alliances made n broken
the cheapshots n matesrates
all the “she’ll be rights!” n no worries
the bonuses the quotas the downsizing
all those drugs to be delivered picked up n consumed
all the brothels n soup cafes
all the boozy lunches n wink winks
all the children in the schools
all the poor wretches in hospital
all the workers in steelworks n quarry
all the senior cits n bowling n bingo
all the lovers, fleeting meeting
the affairs the cheating the alimony to be paid
buildings to go up
buildings to come down
cars to fix
cars to steal
cars to get back
deposits n withdrawals
the surfers n skaters
the flower sellers n kiosk owners
the unfortunates in wheelchairs
the sick n infirm
the geniuses n the morons
hello goodbyes
one way
no turn
this time
next week
harbour views
grim suburbs
millionaires n strugglers
witches n wardrobes
used car salesmen n greasy music biz types
washed up yesterdays
hotshot tomorrows
cab drivers spouting philosophy
babies in kindy
parking inspectors swoop for the kill
the unseen spiders n lizards n bats
the bugs n the weeds revving up now its spring
the postman n their packages
the omissions n stains
the blocked drains

its gonna be another big day

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