posted on December 24, 2011 at 5:08 pm

by the pool of isis iscariot

in a hot wet city it could be new orleans or brisbane or houston or….

a thousand christmases open up …..

the warmth in the air

the constant possibility of storm

the imminent show

marijuana and caffeine

i stumble thru a market looking for gifts i never find

instead i meet Lung Wong who gives me a massage

after 5 minutes i say gimme an hour

he works my old carcass over pushing in the pressure points

i’m lying there listening to the drone of market conversations

a christmas choir on one side

a gentle blues band playing credence somewhere

people laughing

the humidity with its sudden channels of cooler air

the old man works away and i submerge someplace so nice

well you wanna know what heroin feels like….? it feels like this…

the guy manipulates the points and the endorphins n serotonin come out

a relaxing massage says the sign

no it wasnt relaxing it was transcendental ….

i go deep somewhere delicious

i still hear and feel but from a great distance

detached …as grant used to say….so detached….

time stops

i drift in inner space

afterwards feel like i’m floating along

sixty bucks for that? christ its cheaper than the gear…

and no withdrawals and its legal

i go back to my lovely room n sleep listening to my tinnitus treatment

i wanna thank the good people in my life for a great year

they know who they are …the usual crowd….

the internet cafe i’m hanging at is about to shut down

it is chrissy eve after all here

me i got my music

we gonna spend a noisy nite togetha on the stage

2nd night sellout here in brissie

thank you lord thank you people

thank everyone for me

wont you….?


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