posted on January 23, 2008 at 2:21 am

on the balcony
in the film
i mean
that film they made
they used your song
and on the balcony it was summer
oh it was always summer
some a summer
the bodysurfers
the wetsuits hanging over the fences
their blond hair under the outside shower
and the leafy shady places down the path
and the garden where we smoked dope and played mah jongg
a kind of pavillion
a kind of a afternoon
a kind of an obscured sun
and the spiders n worms under the planks
and the sound of a far away radio
and the love lonely songs it emitted
and the cars that sat parked in the drive
and the letters yet to be delivered
advice i never heard
exuse me did you leave this behind
splinters of it all
bits and blobs
dobs and knobs
blows and shows
empty bottles
sandy soil
cig butts
bits of paper
a key
a dead birdling
a rock
a stone
a blade of grass
a drop of water
smell of rain
smell of lightning
smell of food cooking

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