posted on May 12, 2015 at 11:41 pm
f sharp minor

f sharp minor

inside where it was soft

i was playing an old sad distant song

croaky voice cracking on the words

inside my rooms the echo lingered on strangely

in the vertical climb of the strings

the sudden fall of the bassoon

the prescient bark of the winged harpist

in the dim droning hammers

and the cagey crunch of crash legato found sound

i have summoned a song from the other song

the second song is standing behind me in my thoughts

a female song with its rushing little hands

leans forward to kiss my spine tingling gliss

glossy lipped song its wrong of you to be here

your notes and chords are frayed i cant read them

the wind blows through your verses

and random shouts of chorus are lost in the jungle

man that song belongs out there not in here for appearances sake

i trim the hymnal hem of the love song beyond enchantment

with pleasure crafted the unique many melodies

my fingers find another mind behind music

my lady song going all silent as her last notes fade away

i begin again at the ancient keys

to cities whose throbbing wriggling songs escape from their time

signature of star has faded from the neck and the bridge

my feet beat out the time as i bleat out the metre of the yard

its hard being special but euphonia blast is fast backwards quite quick

i’m sick of the bells she sells as sea shells i’m sure

my suit is my drug is my soul is my suit

the white notes are good

the black notes are evil

between them lies chasms with tiny monsters within

i keep on singing but its bringing me no peace

to have this new lease on my song

the lady song with the curvy fade  that fades out in sibilant reverberation

the cymbals all clash shes only wearing a bare tune

the lower notes are like an ogre in vogue sometime in byzantine valentines day

the mournful unborn squeaks of a flute

cute yes but fated to be booted out of the band

the tambo expresses the limbo as music in a photo

music as a ghost song in a ghost town

the barriers are down at midnight

when the flurries of quavers flew in through the stave

steven even you must admit and emit the divine elegy too

and yes i do




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