posted on January 24, 2008 at 2:37 am

no cat
no panther
you were sleeping
you were lying naked
like marilyn
like anyone
anyone sleeping really
sleeping sleeping sleeping
so tired you were
so tired oh god
you were so tired
tired of being tired
showbiz huh
agent waffle
audition slime
preview jitters
2nd day jinxes
contract spasm
manage a smile
opening night yawning in paris
hounded by camera
cramming a script
gossip fodder scratched up n bad
bullshit lies n innuendo
inner and outer
the other side
the other side starts to call
a pressure on you to depart
dream of a train leaving a station
last drinks gentlemen
eat up
its closing
the door
door between the 2 places at once
you fall asleep
new york was it?
was it even important
who saw it coming
the invisible draft that never said nothing
7 pages in a sydney newspaper
one inch= 20 thousand children who die in congo war
per month
people weep and mourn
the world of sadness
yet you sleep and sleep
how strange to never wake up
how strange to sleep and sleep
do you ever think of us as you dream
when you wake up on the other side
will the sun be shining
will the stars gone before you
be showing you the ropes
the lie of the land
the perfect sea
the gentle rain
the theatres full of applause
films about films
the lights
the action
all the more
the more the more
not the more or less
or not
who can tell?

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