posted on September 22, 2008 at 9:12 pm

i’m doing 2 yoga sessions a day now
i’m walking faster n picking up speed
i’m fighting time whose very nature is dissolution
glen bennie sends me a great new track
jeffrey cain sends me another new isidore track..fab!
these guys masters in their own way
a privilege to add words to their music
i dropped my paintings off to art groupie yessaday
look i missed that arty-cle in the paper about it, the smh
does anyone have a copy they can send to po box 7779?
i’ll send you a copy of every record i ever made n then some..
no..your reward will be in your heart…
thanks to jolly hordern for their safe arrival
hey ricki..didja know my painting of ya was in the paper?
a few people recognize me at the pool yessaday
after my heavy exposure in the printed rags
i had a half page pic of me on page 3 of one of austs biggest
everyone fuckin saying good morning n stuff
i cant tell if its coz they know me
or coz of the frigging newspaper
one guy who doesnt know me at all
said to me
“ooh i saw ya in the paper n said to my partner
ooooh i know him…!”
despite the fact
he did not know me at all
and if he did
he woulda known “who” i was
gee a pic in the paper gets people going
meanwhile eve n aurora couldnt give a tuppeny farthing
whether i’m on telly or the paper or a dvd or a cd
yeah sure…its you, dad
they wouldnt care if i’m playing the enormo dome
opening the imperialist games
or if i’m third on at the arse and racket in croydon
yes its their father and they lose focus
another people saying this n that
as i made my rounds
hey come on
i’m just a guy who happened to write the best song ha ha ha
the best australian song
in the last twenty years
does this mean my youthful arrogance in declaring myself
“the best songwriter in australia ” has actually come true
verified by the people themselves
just when my ego was under some control…this
to tell you the truth
it means very little when you realise that
drum roll
obscene fact about mal turnbull
he has a butler!
yes olde mal has his own jeeves
getting his slacks prepared
dealing with any troublemakers
and feeding mals doggies
(and presumably clearing up their you know what)
can you believe that any one has the sheer fucking gall to have a butler!?
that is real obscenity
right there
even if the butler wants to do it!
and the day australia has a bloke with a butler
for its pm
you just know that things have gone awry
in other news painkiller have added a sydney date 22 dec
same place as last time
can we get any better than we were ?
maybe…i reckon we will…
weve got an album of new stuff to work on
if we can get some into the show…
looking forward to the 2 shows with m kennedy
easy songs to sing
easy man to work with
(and there in lies the moral…)
its a warm rainy morning in bondi
aurora is playing the flute in a school concert
shes nervous and doesnt understand why she feels queasy
that queasiness is part of performance
then you gotta get out there and translate it into energy
uh huh
thats how this olde fella does it
no dog poo if you please
no mynah birds in my house neither
i never said i was buddha
i’m a almost vegan for my own sake
yes thats right
for the selfish reason that i wanna be healthier longer
and still rockin’ like a mother at 54
with slim long legs
and fetching jawline
so it aint got nothin’ to do with anything else
thats all just a side effect to me
so baloney!
do whatever you want
see if i care
but the truth remains
and whoevers fault it is
and whatever can or cant be done about it..
as a civilized man i am repulsed by the dogshit on our streets
i would gladly end it
the people in the future will not tolerate it
it is not comparable to anything else
it is a health hazard
it is fucking disgusting
i hate it
so there

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