posted on June 1, 2011 at 1:53 pm

synaptic underload

my encyclopaedic mind has more than a few pages missing

my memory is faulty all mixed up with my imagination

embellishment and deterioration

incentive and motivation

i am not quite across everything

i dont understand most of this…do you?

i woke up this morning i was some old man

adrift in a future arriving too soon

the kids are bending my language out of shape

the subtlety and finesse withered in neglect

i access the mainframe via my i-head

i dont know how i lived  without it

funny isnt it

my thoughts exactly

i wonder if i shouldve waited though

things change pretty quickly now

cutting edge in jan

obsolete in jun

my conscience is clear

the guilt all deleted

i transferred some feelings into national credits

i feel i function more authentically without real feeling

i chased up an old flame from high school

only to realise it was i was having a virtual affair with her avatar

the woman had been dead quite some time

but the programme still running on her page

answering questions gossiping flirting pretending to be alive

her son called me and gave me the bad news

funnily enough we both live in the same gate-com

he asked me about the code for the new micro-dish

he said this is strictly offline my mother is dead

he said do you know the code for the new micro-dish?

over the frame he sounded just like anyone

some monitor altered  frequencies for  more pleasant experience

some filter extended a feeling of warmth

some satellite beamed it back from the star

we had harnessed the deep black propensity of space

out there my money my doctor my information

i felt like pornography and there on the screen

a naked woman with a trident has “captured” a man

i flick through her stats becoming aroused

the numbers appeal to a dark side of me

shes only lost twice

her execution is sublime

her breasts all scarred by uni-corn

her perfect black teeth like a smile of night

one might think death embarrasses her

she looks like an angel as she comes and they go

i guess thats the paradox pulling me in

i get myself off  with a guided vision sequence

e-cupid delivered assisted and primed

my mechanical copy will have to suffice

i cant afford the luxury of sex and violence

its one or the other…. my portal cant do both

that garden i ordered has used up the screen

the flowers hurt my eyes with their colour

and the smell is all wrong i thought i ordered salty….?

nobody mentioned the afterstain of floristshop when i got it

or all of the seeds youre sposed to upload

still its comforting to see the purple vines bloom

and the roses eat flies

because what is man without nature


what indeed?




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