posted on December 29, 2009 at 9:04 am

pink fluffy clouds with mauve tinges
they look like elephants let loose across my sky
a warm silence appears
something primitive about the light
we lay in our room touching
a lovely little breeze makes the blinds move
baby take off your clothes
the last days of 2009
soon pleasure will come
unlimited undying unendurable
its a lovely afternoon just like its brother
the day before
people inspect an empty flat
little lizards scuttle about in the sun
the ocean is warm and gentle
the palms nod only faintly
people drinking cold beer
2 more nights to new years eve
we hurtle headlong into a future
life speeds up n up n up
the past creates jagged fragments
the present offers up intriguing clues
but the future
ah none may know it truly
or else life would become unbearable
and we’d remember tomorrow as well as yesterday

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