posted on February 5, 2010 at 4:11 am

ok ok
lemme get this straight
i steve kilbey
incarnated on this planet earth
and the date is february something 2010
anna domino
they say i’m a singer
and i’m singing with my band on 17 n 18 this munth
canberra n sydney
they say im doing america april to may
they say i’m gonna paint this picture n appear in this film
and talk to this newspaper
and be a good father
and get my mirror fixed
and find my license
and give up the bad
take up the new
finally hit the dentist
oh boy i need 5 crowns n a root canal
man my teeth are costing me my teeth
i look at em today
as dentist shows me photos inside my mouth
he uses words like crumble, chipped, holes, decay, brittle
5 new crowns X $1700 equals oh no change the subject
i get some gas at least today as he cleans my teeth with machine
he says you dont need gas to clean your teeth
i say hey you gimme the gas
i get the gas
i wonder how to define it when suddenly its all over
leaves me feeling kinda giddy n weird
i’d like to do my own experiments
(a la pd ouspensky)
well its raining in sydney
warm grey rainy day
finished notes for boxset
got back my facebook
and had 3 serfs executed for stealing adjectives
been listening to the supremes a lot
got new gb3 album but it wont go in my ipod
because i guess the pre-mastered gb3 album is in there
and it thinks theyre the same
oh boy i’m kinda worn out now

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