posted on May 16, 2007 at 12:51 am

this is so easy for me
everywhere i wanted to be
being in time
being in love
surrounded by the stars
willing at last and forever
5 daughters of my flesh
to carry on
the work
the great work
however they see fit
and somebody in the crowd, a baker
called out
what is the great work, white hippy moses?
tell us that we may share in it…
to change yourself
you are the canvas
you are the instruments
you are the hammers n nails
grow greater than you are
make mistakes n get up
be resilient
be sient
who is whispering to you
deep deep deep down
so still
the water drip drop drip
air filled with soft humming
blessed darkness
aware from the suns glare
blind transparent fish in black water
common darkness we all share
whence we come thither we go
vibrating the lords sacred names on my tongue
spitting foul blasphemies
do not enter until you are certain
when you open that dorr….
that door you have travelled towards
all your life
go through
turn back
what does white hippy moses care
only everything

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