posted on May 7, 2013 at 6:28 pm
attenuated span

attenuated span

golgotha has a beat and a thundering silence

all those skulls ….humanity continues to outdo itself

madness has always prevailed

anxious destructive madness

official madness

stuff they get us to do

the reasons are always lies we always get killed

the net and the spear

the short sharp sword

the thrust like a lover


snatch an arrow from the air…oh too late…!

in some italian film glorifying Romes indifferent kings

a footsoldier a footnote

a foot below water in some moat

some florentine dagger

or a shot from a musket

a random sense of disproportion

the emperor in his bath of milk

us lot in our bath of blood

we came for christian mystery mercy and to kill some bastard

man my wounds go bad under this sun

my wand is my cross is my little knife

little bird charmer my chafing armour

i sleep on bibles and eat their ghostly words

we fellows down here in the courtyard

us men in the marshes

the boys in the sea

the wine is thick and red

slosh it down and burns delightfully

one day i will own land in burgundy…





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