posted on April 8, 2014 at 9:49 pm

sprook it boyo

a few years back i had my second art show in pittsburgh USA

the thing was that were paintings and there was a little poem for each one

although many are not little poems as i have rambled on and on

i reached into each fucking painting and i wrenched the poem right out it

and then i recited or chanted them or half sung them to a bunch of ambient tracks

until now these tracks were only available as a box set containing post card sized prints

the boxes were individually handmade by our own holly

if you have a box set look after it they are now scarce

i dont even have one myself anymore

i wonder where it is..?

anyway we decided to make the poems available as a 20 dollar download

with 19 tracks bursting with wonderful poetry thats good value you poetry fiends

poems rambling and roaming all over my psyche like a herd of phantom buffalo

daydreaming out loud this is automatic and manual labour of love

this stuff here is like me whispering all this stuff in yer ear

as if i was actually here

the words are divinely inspired a little tired

divinely insipid hellishly tepid

the words fall out of your sky

but you hear them first hear

a must for all fans of all ages and all errors

poetry that will have zebras changing their stripes

leopards in tight spots will cheat a bit

the poetry written by stars and jaguars recited by the rain

poetry for every time and place

the grapevine rag

a wags guide to words

my poetry streams out around me like tendrils in ethers

it will fly to you across the internet

a column will change somewhere

and then the poetry unleashed flying out from me here

to you there it wings its way with winged words

juicy austerity i juggle the paradox of our lives

i decide which poem live and die

i in my poem coming through the wires to tell you something

poetry on tap got poetry if you really want it

sexy sad poems about tigers in cities away in a jungle

yes theres buddha theres daddy theres lou lou theres tiger

lonely city where are you with a love so rare and true?

forget the old testament

this is the brand new testimonial

my own arc of the cover-note

see me free the music from my bass and hear me declaim it hear

poems for the future or poems of the colourfast past

dream poem reverie severing real life

beneath the thin veneer of poet i am a peruvian which doctor

and the thousand eyes of the night are fluttering and bugging out

my poems now come to you of their own accord

breeding poetic thoughts in your fertile feverish mind

here as a true poet

here is a true poet hear

hymn to old school new school

the travelling poems of paintings themselves in cognito ergo sum

poetry to baffle you and hassle you and ignore you when you want it

poetry you could have waited for and never heard before

you will love it you will want it you will have to have it!

why why why are you way way way waiting

hot poetry going so cheap i wonder how they can write em for just over a dollar each

wow poetry so good and well made

the beauty and all that stuff will probably never fade

poetry get it now here hear!


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