posted on March 12, 2008 at 1:09 am

god cannot give you free will
and still intervene
can god make 1 + 1 = 3 ?
i know eventually we will see the reason for everything
but god works in mysterious ways
my friend matty
a fuckin’ upright honest hardworking cheerful man
kind to all n sundry
this thing been eating him for nearly ten years
hes had radio
hes had fuckin’ chemo
hes had steroids
hes had xrays n 2 very very nasty ops
hes just fallin’ in love n bought a house
with a lovely lady with a childe that both love him
he has never once to me complained or seemed scared
he knows this fuckin tumour is gonna get him eventually
i blame mobile phones…partially
want my mobile phone number
here it is 00000000000
thats right
my fuckin intuition says nevets dont use mobile phones
my intuition says micro waves are fuckin’ deadly
my intuition says all the internet signal is getting us too
my intuition says tv irradiate us with invisible fallout too
my intuition says the stuff in fuckin’ meat is deadly
my intuition says cheese in beer will fuck up yer face
my intuition said saddam has no weapons..this war is a sham
my intuition said the day bush was elected many many will suffer
(remember i was in u.s. then)
my intuition told me i would marry natalie dalton after one day
my intuition said to me play the bass …one day you’ll be good
my intuition has been wrong too
many times
a false intuition imitating the real one
ok enough
matt, wherever you are right now
theres a whole lotta people behind you boy, in spirit
i will never be able to say how much i have admired your courage
even if you get out of this one …
i hope it will inspire me when my time comes to face such horrors
god if you are listening
if you do exist
as i keep telling my fiendss that you do
i know you cant intervene exactly
not directly
or can you?
whatever you can….
he really does deserve it
my daughter scarlet who looks a lot like joyce bennett
and mimi kilbey who is my niece,
is quite brilliant
she is definitely a genius
an opera singer
a sculptress
a female prime minister
a feisty wench who is gonna break a few hearts
oh no
how can i admit this to my self and the fiendss…?
she likes the sodding wiggles
the wiggles are so god damned ball crushingly bad
vishnu knows as a father of 5
ive sat through some rubbish
i mean most kids shows are rubbish
if yer a 50 odd year old hippy idiot with a penchant for surrealism
barney the dinosaur is near pornographic in its dripping syrup
play school is like regular adults pretending to be morons
the cartoons…sponge bob should be banned..its just muck
the junk they had when i was a kid…
in all my hours of kiddy tripe
im sorry
the wiggles is the most insultingly pathetic waste of your precious time
oh look im mopping the floor
all the wiggles break into song
hes mopping the floor hes mopping the floor
music guaranteed to be the most bland underdone blaaagh!
its not even music..its….i dunno
then the dance routines
the dialogue
the other characters.. capn fuckin’ feathersword…OH SWEET JESUS!
there is not one redeeming feature except
the incredible thrill i get out of inflicting the thought on myself that
these 4 talentless drips
are some of the richest blokes in aushtralia
and i
you know the rest……
i guess none o the wiggles were junkies..
break into song
stevie was a junkie stevie was a junkie
captn feathersword : stevie was a junkie
dorothy the fuckin’ dinosaur : stevie was a junkie
and a chrus line of b-dancers dressed up as bouncy syringes
anyway my daughter scarlet likes it
daddy daddy the wiggles the wiggles!
no oh my flesh you mortify me with this request…
oh dear
mercator projection is almost ready
it is
it is mwp sk tp jorden b and william b
our space rock night xmas 2005
soon coming your way
live recording
space rock classics +
dvd too soon…?
leave you with these words

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