posted on January 24, 2010 at 7:39 am

grey day
hoping something will type itself
yeah i believe in heavenly inspiration
do i look naive
it rains off n on
i take the kids for a hot choc then a bubble tea
i suddenly become immune to everything
beauty ugliness anything at all
a friend comes over n we discuss stuff
the afternoon becomes featureless
grey into white
there is no time or temperature
everything becomes still
the inevitable distant barking dog
the lowlevel of bird twitter
how come they never blog tho?
somedays i really feel i am going frigging mad
i get angry
i get confused
oher days are spent in zennish calm
pseudo-zen i should say
or not zen but damn close
but i am a victim of the times
i’m all geed up
i’m all het up
i’m all anxious and got a bad feeling
heinous crimes
incredible breathtaking lies
just like it ever was
but in bondi i feel enervated today
more heat threatened tomorrow
drank some more white powder of gold
something happening but what is it?
have got no work done
not a (soy)sausage
forgive me if you waiting on something here
the weather is heavy
a mist schmist schmog or something
people on the streets amble along
backpackers n blow-ins
colourful clothes etc
oh no another fuckin’ description of bondi
i listen to jon hassell
wonder how people are passing this hot summer night
wonder what the rich people are doing
wonder bout the old geezers in hospital waiting to die
wonder bout the children just been born into this quite ludicrous world
the earth itself is not ludicrous
but the world of men is a hilarious fantastic tragi-comedic fiction
unbelievable like you wouldnt believe
still i’d keep quiet for one of them nice nice houses
with the shady groves and tranquil pools
i’d keep my trap shut
and i’d hang in my studio
ignoring all emails
ignoring all tv
ignoring all newspapers
i’d write a lovely song
i do my little painting
i hide within my house
never never coming out
oh i can imagine that peace n quiet
on long green days of rain
youd see me in my library
flicking thru some arcane fiddle faddle
i dunno
uninspired like i gotta hex round my neck
or a jinx up my leg or something
heavy weather
heavy days
heavy feeling
the nascent storm just hangs there
will sign off
for ttb inc

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