posted on October 10, 2008 at 8:17 pm

the internet is a naked woman with a tigers head on fire
standing in a clearing in the jungle
she rubs her tummy waiting for you to arrive
amazon jungle
lemurian jungle
indian jungle
you are a vine
you are a creeper
you are a poisonous flower swallowing wasps
the parrots scream in the canopy
and wise old snake writhes in the lair
dreaming of a hundred american women
who are all saying
oh yeah baby gimme everything you got!
the internet is a random re distributor
filling your screen with @ @ @ @ @ @s
and stories in spanish about the insatiable cruelty of hombres
and some little chica all alone in the jingling desert winds
and somebody posted it already
and i gotta burn
and i gotta burn off my friend jimmy fire
and the stuff in the pipe bubbled
and marilyn inhales deep
and bobby and john have both had her
and some brutal ape is knocking at her back door
while insignificantly we smuggle albert einstein into the future
and the inevitable black cars cruise up the street
and pick us up
and fly us away to some virtual switzerland
and i wonder then
can william tell…..?
and i sit here punching away on these symbols
some how some one some where
interprets all this and its catalogued according to its nature
then i getta burn in berne
the internet soothes me
coddles me with its curdled milk
and whacks me round the headside with its slow connection
in this very room right now
everything battles it out with everything
at the very end of time
before the last second is spent and done
diamonds rub against diamonds
tungsten fingered machine gives you a good seeing to
saucy milfs predict the weather in houston
and correct your b-grade spelling
i google myself uh oh uh oh
oh that feels good
ooh fucking google me childe
see my pages flow out n out n out
everytime someone mentions me
i grow another twenty pages
i wax massive on hearsay
yeah i love all this war and mayhem on here
korea or crimea or whatever war you like
hannibal crosses the alps and blows all the etherports
i got hannibals recipe for poached pears
i got hannibal visiting o.j. in jail
i got hannibals tips for the big game saturday
i got hannibal pushing kurt under a train
i got hannibal explaining the fat bass sounds on painkiller
i got hannibal on face book talkin’ bout child sacrifice
i got hannibals virtual tour of italy by elephant
i got hannibal kissing kitten nativadads sweet ass
i got hannibals blogge written in tyrus yessaday
i got hannibals souvenir bag with the neat daggers
i got hannibal and kenny rodgers trading eyelift tips
i got hannibal jamming with sonic bloom n black azalia
i got hannibal barcas latest lyrics songs ideas pictures updates fan clubs
i got hannibal barcas only interview before sardinia
i got hannibal barca merch stories tips guides specials and FAQs
i go to delphi to connect to the internet
i ask the sybil
why no gmail from my little laptop trash
why no cheque from fucking atv…?
how long they gonna gamble my dough on the short term market?
i ask her
can you book me a cab for friday night
and can you tell me how many people read my diary
and send a message to michael
a message to michael
and gabriel to my left
and uriel to my right
and i do the hokey cokey
and swing it all about
and the cops bowl up to internet cafe
and shoot protesters in cyberspace
and opus deii log on in their secretive cloisters
and donald trump checks some figures in his tower
and karen black deletes a comment from her fan book
and julie meadows invites you to cmon down
and everybody typing
everybody reading
everybody posting
everybody up n downloading
hit my payboy
hit my payboy
try a free sample
here it is
kilbey kilbey blah blah blah
hey i still got the cherry pop in my system
i still got all the sweet green icing flowing down
hey i still got the vodka n berry v
i still got the T2 pills and the memory of lust
i still imagine but i prefer
i bought my new teeth on the internet
i found my eyes
and remembered i’d left my id behind my ego
listen to that orchestra
i played all them instruments …virtually
yeah i smash up trombones and thigh bones
and saxophones and iphones
and i bounce a million fiddles into one intro
and i combine no-cal drones with so-cal blippies
and i summon up the white noise of a million madza car radios
and i tune in the bitter lemons
and i tune in iron pig
and i tune in the fairyland teenyboppers
and i tune in the limit five
and i tune in carlos and the playboys
and i tune in baby grande
and theres stevie in his dog collar n singlet
all skinny and stupid thrashing away in some queanbeyan garage
and he sing
you like a stab in the dark dont stab me in the back
and he sing
i call you zephyr cos you blow
and he sing
howcome you never do the jetfin rock
and he sing
hey synthetic equivalent
and he sing
the world below him trembled and cried out in its awe
the rivers turned to silver the silver turned to war
and he sing
some inchanted evening
you will strange a meter
and bring on the dancing internets
and internet fields forever
sergeant peppers internet club band
and the internet is a naked woman
with a tigers head on fire
but scarlet says
its a white kitty kat

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