posted on May 25, 2007 at 6:32 am

hi de ho you little fiendss
my darling pigs
my children of the knight
readers and reedcutters
oh you wanted some sense….
i spent the day goofing off
driving round with nk n lil sk
sitting in cafes
watching lil sk roll down grassy slopes
watching her chuck sticks in the harbour
watching her chase the birdies
all the usual stuff
she bangs her heavy head a cuppla times
oh she has a big head stuffed full of brains
like the scarecrow in wizard of oz
i watch a doco on triffids
that im interviewed in
what a weird thing seeing yaself on the telly
coming over like a slightly scruffy professor
being interviewd about a new archaelogical dig or something
lisping slightly it sounds like
oh no!
have a listen to antenna on starfish where those “people”
put such a heavy “de-esser” on my voice
it sounds like i am lisping
oh yeah
ive hurt my lower back lifting the bumbper into her carseet
cmon ryan roll out yer lower back vid please
(hes curing me over the internet
if i do but stop and wonder
tis indeed a marvel!)
jesus now i feel a hundred n fifty 2
we are all one slip away from injury
at any minute
a twist
a stumble
a pull
a tensing
a jerk
whoa boy
you got yerself a bad back…
praying it goes away
i thought
in my hubris
that yoga would protect me
but no it didnt
maybe it did and i’ll never know how much
i feel all the springs gone outta my step
i cant lift the bumbper n shes takin’ it personal
oh didja see that scar on my forehead
wow you can really see it there
where the evil spirit left me in 2001
it left that gaping wound
where my third eye now sometimes can be seen
the sea was a lovely lovely blue today
and i was reminded of my life as a sailor
that i lived once maybe
a long long long dream ago
oh yeah
just as i am now
on the seas of abyssinia
or ferrying across a black scandanavian lake
or paddling a canoe
the sea the sea the sea
always back to this changing changeless wonder
container of things undreamt of
deep to unknown depths
warm n shallow
endless and dark
the sea
poor canberra so far from the sea
no wonder i was not feeling myself
canberra where i took shape
so much groovier it is now than then
i remember a hot night in 1975
i get a call from a girl i know
says come over here im babysitting
i have just bought horses by patti smith
and station to station by bowie
(now someone contradict that please)
i look in the mirror of my datsun 1000
its me
all that hair
oh a pimple on chinny chin chin
its hot n dry here in summer
i feel like im in the wrong place
but i cant determine the feeling
i hate it here but i havent actually realised
thats what it is
its a sterile treeless (then) pre fab town
chock full o “straights”
who dont understand a bohemian( like me)
one bit
but i dont know im a bohemian really
i havent said that word to myself
im obssessed by music
i only think of music
i really like pattis record
i like seeing a woman dressed like her on the cover
i like her words n attitude
strangely enuff now its hard to listen to it
bowies record i loved some of it
some i thought was just ok tvc 15 or whatever
but golden years i loved
my shuffle has played 3 dionne warwick/burt bacharach songs
in about 2 hours
are they trying to tell me something
my shuffle always plays beatles
but rarely stones…..?
the clientele are on a lot
scott walker gets a good innings too
god a whole new way of listening or what…
shakes it all up
you get to know your collection
i got 12000 songs in there
thats a bit of music
oh anaesthesia comes on
murky aint it
i hit ff on the remote quick
on comes …
oh i know this…
i like it so far

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