posted on December 1, 2007 at 3:47 am

one ear down
like vince van go go au go
swimmers ear
feeling tired beyond these years
empty vessel
no thoughts forthcoming
the goose below starts the doof doof
at 3 in the afternoon
the most constant throbbing doof doof
i wonder how a man could like this
music for people who hate music
ideas for people with no idea
the most horrible artificial continuous sound
devoid of feeling
devoid of love
devoid of lightnshade
devoid of melody
devoid of rhythm
devoid of swing
devoid of anything youd really want really
i mean ok
at a dance party at midnight i guess i dunno
but 3 in the arvo by yerself in yer bedroom
it comes running up the walls turning my place
into a giant reverberation chamber
and i find a lovely irony
that it be inflicted on me
who has the capacity to hate it with such vile passion
and now
with earblock
it feels like some earthmoving machine
furiously delving into the screaming earth
as all horrible things triumph in this world
cogs and oil and slagheaps and explosions
war and devastation and mindlessness
the victory of the moron
the gossip mags as bibles
with naked pictures of pregnant aguilera as icon
with television direct injected
soap hopeless opera
lust island (feat. spousal ab-use)
chicken wing bits with beaky bites from kfc
idle winners tell all about big nothing
atheists for jesus w/ rev billie joe crabbe
shopping mall prophets with brand name resurrection
text jehovah and vote for your favourite angel
skype the lord on 1 800 lordylordy
email me at
everybody invites me to facebook
i invite you all to bumbook
i invite you all to a liberal party
i invite you to scuba doobie doo
while i sally fourth with a tally ho ho ho
i see tom cruise is a weirdo
gee that makes me feel better bout myself
i see the good actors the chosen ones
they wear the right gowns
and marry the right person this time
i see the bad celebrities too fat and thin
too rich and unhappy
too stupid to spend all that money the way i would
there they are playing polo in rehab
or accepting an award and being carted off to jail
drunk driving….huh!
supplying a miner with drugs….i thought he’d dig it
consorting with prosty-tuits
is that what you call it?
ice cream and tattoo parlours
shoe shop chain :club foot
new car names:
honda dribble
toyota dollop
nissan smudge
ford sparrow
holden uranus
mercedes slut 500
lexus porker
hummer lump
chrysler elbow
the new bmw groin
rolls royce impress coupe
audi 2 door squirt
new tv shows:
celeb euthanasia
obese olympics
the flying plastic surgeon
cops with bad attitudes
candid bathroom camera hosted by chuck berry
coroner quiz
hollywood blood test
great frauds and real fakers
wrestling chefs
wild animal brawls:tonite whale versus tiger
extinction countdown :tonite froggys numbered days
tasty climate watch : cheese and arctic melts
football statistics versus the cabbala with maddy n becks
southern christian revival techniques :drowned baptists with pastor gnocchi
americas naughtiest death rowers : inside peak with heidi flies
the tonight show with whatsisname and the bald guy in the background
renovation revolution with k. rudd : starving in a garret and pulpmill stucco
homes of the rich and infamous : mafia boss richie prosciutto invites you in
pollution lottery
kids channel : pc syrup and namby pamby dribble
history channel : hitlers toenails part 2 : clips and memories
shopping network : coffin bargains and ammo savings
sports channel : west versus east
comedy central : old mcdonald had a famine plus whats my phobia
science channel : evolution : monkeyman bones and all that

ah phooey
i just ran outta steam

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