posted on June 8, 2008 at 10:24 pm

no adjectives harmed writing this blog
your time being contains only free range nouns
the verbs offered themselves direct from the english language
the vowels are organic
the consonants are prepared with love
this blog is made with only the finest ingredients
memories may contain traces of nostalgia
rants may contain swearing and or bullshit
self portraits may contain rampant egoism
family tales may contain mawkish sentimentality
time being may contain staggering genius or staggering about
time being often bitter often sweet
time being originally produced in england
time being recommends himself
time being becoming older and younger
warning! some sentences may use paradoxes
consult your heart before attempting to decipher
dont use ttb products if sealine tampered with
somebody (the vegetalista) said its all for YOU
time being flies trans astral starways
time being stays at participating planets
time being accepts donations and flattery
time being does not accept things easily
time being not prepared beforehand
see conditions*
if unsure how to use time being
never read time being whilst vehicle is in motion
never ingest time being whilst near an open flame
alcohol and other drugs may increase ttbs effects
consult doctor if you take up the blues
university tests may indicate ttb has more vitamin x than competitors
some dentists may tend to read the ttb and have less tooth deCay
some vets read ttb to their pets and report glossier coats
(not recommended for indian mynah birds with headaches)
ttb may contain traces of hypocrisy
ttb is unfiltered therefore crankiness may not have settled
ttb was fresh when it left ttbs premises
ttb readers have reported dizziness after long periods of use
ttb may contain hesitation and repetition
if so simply discard and dispose of thoughtfully
may contain drug nudity and frontal references
ttb does not recommend hedonism or intoxicated sensualism
ttb is not affiliated in any way with steve kilbey
aka steven john kilbey
ttb not responsible for any losses of virginians
ttb not responsible for uninsured thoughts
ttb uses cash and recommends hundred dollar bills
and fifty dollar petes
ttb swims at bondi eye-sores the home of winter schwimming
ttb does bimbong yoga with much binkle-banksing
ttb appearing near you sooner than you suspected
ttb drinks berry v and would like a sponsa-ship
ttb uses pam n perry products certified a orgasmic
ttb salutes sue c
ttb hails mem
ttb honours gee-none
ttb whispers kraal-man
ttb beatifies jolly hordern
ttb appreciates jenny oxjewelhuntbruin
ttb likes kurtains shankar
ttb regards davis matthewson
ttb admires harri fiores
ttb aknowledges persekrist
ttb bids all a good night
* all ttbs rooms are unconditioned

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