posted on July 26, 2006 at 5:32 pm

undulations in the graphs
the needles jump
the alkaloids merge
the chromatic ascent
the morning star
summer time over
black neon water
imperialista surprise
santa fes cool groves of pines
creature, what art thou?
followed thru the reeds n rushes
the magician
the scientist
the priest
the scholar
the neophyte
the hanged man
the future
what do you see in my hands
5 daughters and a long life
what do you see in my hands
money and suffering
what do you see in my hands
soothing touch in turmoil
the numbers stack up
partially chemical, partially spirit
i am
i slip thru the atmosphere
like electric intrusion
like x rayed luggage i am transparent
cooked up in the soup of life
reabsorbed in ozone stinking machinery
plated and pressed
minted and new
churning out the tunes
sing a song of sixpence
pocket fulla wry
mesquite trees
in the ordinary life and times
in the turning of the centuries
texas moon
texas tea
body of christ
impressions of another world
long avenues of the americas
the conquistadors
the indians
the mexican generals
remember the alamo
remember the moment before
forget yourself nevets yeblik
these anonymous rooms
the elevators to the 13th floor
the thunderstorm and its aftermath
alone under the blankets of air
no room service today
please do not peturb
knock knock
the window opens of its own accord
streets below
mixing in , blending in
millions of people
everyone doomed
a question of time
this is all we have
and the night
and the relief brought by sleep
dreams of dreams of dreams
days go by
days go, bye
what did you want again?
i’d quite forgotten
love is what we came here for
and a rusty white car
and where the badge was
i can still see the word

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