posted on March 17, 2009 at 5:32 am

things are weird in my world
upheaval and heat
tiredness without much sleep
in my ultra vivid dreams
i am a king
i am a flea
i am a loan
my new records come out one by one
i hurl brilliance against an uncaring world
too much too late
each line of each songs tells a hundred possible stories
choose any path
they all lead back here
the church play a bloody corker in sydney
i have turned into somebody else
some body better
some body worse
some body much stronger
i have real authority (but authority to do what?)
my voice is hoarser more lived in
my music is simple and raw
i sweat and i stagger
i summon up music from deep within a place only i can get to
the eighties kilbey : sleek suave in cynical
the nineties kilbey : bloated blasted and boring
the 2000s kilbey :…..masculine mansuited mofo monster
what next?
am i a musician or a (washed up) rockstar ? some commenter muses
are they truly mutually exclusive
on stage i tend to make a racket
but if you listen to my records i am a musician too
but always more of a writer
peter koppes is an intellectual musician
marty is an intuitive musician
tim powles is a consummate musician
i am a bass player a singer n a writer
i try my best
now im trying even harder to transcend
thats why everybody loved our latest shows
i own my songs now in that i inhabit them
no longer a fey fop or dried up junky
i am strength i am pitta i am fire i am ambition
i sweat like a pig with silk ears
i sing like a lark on cocaine
i move like a panther who hasnt eaten for a while
our new songs are among the best possible in rock
vibrant melodic brimming with love n possibilities
buy untitled #23 and marvel at its energy
listen to its ever receding subleties
wonder at the new juice we’re squeezing out of (a) rock
its gonna be a while before you get sick of this one
you gonna listen to it till the day you die
or die listening to it in flaming amazement at night
you want rich n lush?
you want ruff n rockin’?
you want emotion and intelligence?
you want heart n soul n brain?
you wanna hear some good playing?
its the record for you
me and the church
back from the dead
dont say i didnt warn ya!

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