posted on June 25, 2016 at 10:38 pm
winters minstrel

winters minstrel

i swim out of the murky past trusting blindly in the currents of fortune

roamin’ ulysses escaping charybdis’ abyss

done with snow and ice i drift into warm and soothing seas

with no money i have landed upon these promising shores

o loveliness

the cattle and calves you love


the golden lambs of Hungaria

the skin of the women all soft butterscotch

divested of my tawdry vestments i am suited in nobility

in these looming mirrors i am reflected in my angles

the apparition of some old foolish duke from yesteryear

lost in the eastern palace of biblical Sheba

man i am so worn out

that sea of treachery…

In the many mansions of our father

i bestrode those marble floors with my cold feet burning

good spirit whisper to me

terrifyingly tame devils tempt me to fall

man like any other man

gifts and flaws and all

we talk on cold mornings by the sea

Galilee in the bay baby

we threw the nazarene up the cross

(yes, you and i)

the black milk of the darkest grape

(fernet branca)

oh how it succours darkness in the candles..!

in a warm auric ray i am isolated in the night sated

pink glow surround me

in unabated tides where i hideaway every morning as i grow closer

no ordinary dolt i am the bolting baying hound bounding over the sand

when the storms swing low and the mussels flex the beaches flesh

the arachnid crabs and the limpet winkle under a pier

appear to be sleeping

i  keeping change channels with a dagger


its staggering the stars out tonight on the sidewalks of fame

like my father on leave during the war

he’s striding through Golders Green again

sweet dreamies of Joe Bellettes piano and a girl in Hastings

maybe a’wasting his time and tasting defeat

the sweetest melody blows upon a reed

genghis khan himself the seed of that cheek

you probably come from the great steppes of asia

and i can’t praise ya enough
















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