posted on August 2, 2007 at 9:13 pm

my dear readers
i work hard everyday on this blog
i sit down for a couple of hours or more
and sometimes i turn out narcissistic rubbish
sometimes i turn out a fucking masterpiece
some days are an admixture of both
of course it IS all about me
its my diary
its my blog
its my(cliche of all cliches) life
me me me
thats why its mine
if thats too much
i invite you to leave
its pretty simple really
if you have something to say
which is vaguely relevant
make a comment
its called a dialogue
you say something connected to what ive said
just as in a normal conversation…
im tired of knocking out something on here
and seeing all the irrelevant bullshit that comes after
it dismays me
it disappoints me
it bores me
why dont you go go go
get your own blog
get your own chat room
predictable as a 2 bit vandal smashing up a phone booth
all the “wags” who went to town
with their “hilarious” comments yesterday
all the selfrighteous wankers threatening to leave…
with my blessings
its all about me on here
my kids
my misadventures
my beliefs
my values
my music
my inflated ego
uh huh
why are you still here?
why bother to hang around and make that one last joke
speak with your absence
and let the charts reflect my demise
my only other option is to turn the comments off
which is really no big deal
but lemme tell ya
you make a big mistake to assume im in this for the gushing yes men
and the worshipping unthinking sychophants
(thats what you want…and will never get)
it means you aint been paying any attention
i been fucking honest with ya
i let you in on my ups n downs
i didnt flinch from spilling the beans
on my many personality defects n problems
i just wanted a bit of relevant feedback…
agree, disagree or stay silent
now watch em go
see em leave
goodbye goodbye
oooh youre never gonna read me again…!
goodbye then
im adolf hitler
im stalin
im a washed up olde nobody with a ego as big as whatever…
there you go
i said it for ya already
but im resilient
i been round this world more times than youve been round yer kitchen
i can stand on stage for 3 hours armed with only a guitar
and get 3 encores in london new york or wherever else ya like
(except christchurch)
for 27 years!
i met the best n the worst
i mingled with the millionaires n the miscreants
i made over 50 records
and i sold over 2 million
i got 5 daughters
im nearly fifty 3 years old
and ive had a long n eventful life
i was rocking before a lot of ya were even born
and whether you read or listen to me again
i’ll still be rocking if you sod off
i wont even know yer gone
so go!
you can find yer own way out
i expect bonos waiting for ya out there somewhere
when he gets back from the riviera
or whatever…
(and hes a very humble fascinating guy)
you think i write this for the money?
you think i write it so someone can gush or agree with me?
i just do it for the sake of it
cos thats what i do
i officially forbid anymore gushing, ok?
no more of that either
just some relevant comments
or let it go
is it really asking for so much?
i will allow a cooling off period
of course now
the comments following this will be full of
the usual predictable ennervating tripe
go on
get it out of your system
then use the door
i cant be bothered reading it anymore
get yer own blog
go on
see how many comments you get
write about your life
go ahead
its free baybee
anyone can do it
even you
but this little page is mine
why should i let you hi jack my page
i guarantee i wont be hijacking yours
i promise that in fact
all you rebels can get yer own thing together
where you can write fair unegotistical blogges
even-handed deeply philosophical treatises
written with care n love
democratic wonderful slices of yer life n yer loves
its all waiting there beyond this point
i surrender
youve won
to stay around hereon in would be churlish of you
leave my selfcentred offputting world behind you
freedom beckons
why hang around a second longer?
lets part company with nary a wave goodbye
thats better….
oh no youre still here…

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