posted on June 22, 2006 at 9:12 pm

a hundred levels down
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all memories at once?
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crabs crawl from rockpools at coffs harbour
we are on holiday
dads kindly warm presence/aftershave/ cigarettes
mum still very young /pretty dress
the car park on a cliff
what am i thinking?
blue idyllic 1950s sky
limpets and sea snails
bless this day, my lord
the green sea still chilly in early spring
but the yellow sun is warmer
younger than now
shines softer on our skin
come on then steven,
dad wants to get at least half way there before we stop
the backseat of the morris major
troubled sky
rain skates down the back window
i kneel and watch the miles disappear
we stop at motel
check in stuffy room but nice smell
i play outside in twilight
the motel owner has got shells everywhere
his wife is a practicing witch
there are pagan symbols everywhere
as well
the bush is still teaming with animals
the night is teaming with stars
lock onto feeling
cant be felt any more
all the details to be captured
blur without maximum focus
which is only possible for tiny bursts
in the sandy shelly garden
i produce my soldiers
who will fight it out here on this deserty landscape
other stuff is flying around though
a recurring nightmare
to have to contain in
to have to have all this stuff undercontrol
but it was impossible to do
even after i slaved at it inside ten minute dreams
that went on for literally ever
blue shadows of the night on sand
come on son
its getting dark
the open door to the room
dad outside smoking in the dark
our car reassuringly outside the window
much easier than a bloody hotel, innit? says dad
we all smile and feel modern
its great to share these little breakthroughs
just the 3 of us
im pretty excited
im sleeping in a campbed in the close darkness
at the foot of their bed
the people have left us biscuits in little plastic packages
and a little jug of milk in the fridge
tonight the nightmare cant find me
the bush sounds surround the cabin
everything closes down around me
this is a significant moment apparently
its nearly 8 oclock here now
where i “really” am
a constant stream of personality bytes
receiving and sending out meanlingless messages
important data
running checks
improving upgrading
sweeeping low over salty lakes watching for flashes below
anything you like
thats the problem
and thats the cure too
have a nicean day, fiendss

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