posted on January 27, 2008 at 2:51 am

last nite i played a private function on outskirts of melb
it was a lotta fun
mr ricki played too with me
he was nervous tho
i wasnt
i hadda good time
i let people sing their fave tunes
i danced with my guitar under the taup
i sang in the hot dark
later i smoked on a verandah overlooking swimming pool
surrounded by the gently vibrating bush
i sat and talked to the locals
we had vegan banquet
we had local hydro
we had nice reception
we had mother energy drinks n vodka
we tune under the moon
balmy times in my life
well paid everything considering
nice people
nice b and b where i stayed
as i check in the the older but still nice owner-lady
what kinda entertainer are ya?
of course i come back with perennial
oh im a male stripper
the lady looks me up n down twice
ok she says what times that party startin’?
yeah wow a nice interlude
which we played by the way
now im at mel airport
waiting to go home
n start back on church for litle while
first will take doodles for a dippy dip dip
i hope
if my plane doesnae crash….

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