posted on July 29, 2014 at 9:18 pm
another shot

another shot

and the land of light was peel back and reveal

as the brooks rush down into the the thirsty sea

as the cloudiest baby zephyr still within eos

invoke then the solemnity you needed

fiddling around with buttons and diodes

man you hammer on and off

some constraining angel harkens to your tune

you persist beyond death

you increase within time

just when they were gonna give up

hit and blindsided and run

some chick took off her pants in a strobe

while you sucked on the cola betel hula hooper

you hoovered up a line of prose straight up your little nose

you cried poor at the door of in-laws as the snow thaws

flying in the face of shredded decencies

you vacillated between the grotesque and obscene

holding third or forth on the life of some queen

under the blankets the best darkness i never seen

the trembling is still upon me or is it writhe in remorse

i hurl the chasms frame over my name

switch on for the next game

ive got babylon sister what about you?

a tremendous feeling of smugness and superiority crushed by a feather

gliding i pull alongside you

i decelerate to enter the intimately lit space

the eyes in your face

the solar panic flare of the cameras flash reflect off your lenses

forming your past in regrettable future tenses

inside my chest my heart must still beat

although i am virtually hidden to the world

in an arcane inn where i winter in austerity

my conscience pricked by thorny problems

i paint away at my lathe bathed in sweet sweat

in yoga asanas i am receiving a confidential transmission

but the years have their hooks in me

the days and their barbituate ways going under again

down by the transparent sea where you can see anything

i whirl upon the shells in my rubbery wetsuit thrusting shoals aside

i embark upon the lilting underwater trees of the coral corridor

i am knight of spades a real conquistador

my theatre of war amour

the residue still on the balcony


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