posted on April 19, 2008 at 9:30 pm

the truth is
what we think of as the truth does not exist
the truth is all our truths are different
the world is a song
a million ways in
a million ways out
we have been raised to look for the definite
it does not exist
it is in flux
i search and search
sometimes like yesterday
on a windswept cliff
the wind howled in glee
misty rain droplets
the dark blue sea groping the land
an impatient ocean trying to get further in
and the clouds redefine grey into a thousand greys
rising and falling in the sky
you look at this and the answer is on the tip of your…..
the answer?
the answer??
there is no answer
each answer would lead to at least ten more questions anyway
it would take all our life to grasp even the smallest fact in totality
nonetheless certain tantalising keys seem to dangle
keys to understanding…..
keys to art
keys to success
keys to boogie woogie piano
whatever key you want
suddenly you realise….
ah! so this is…..
as things fall into place
and you move into finer realms
as you progress
your pride becomes heavier
and drags you down
you glimpsed the seven thousand lands of paradise
now your arrogance pins you to the ground
you begin to see
that not you thought…
but its opposite
or rather
detachment within concentration
just like in yoga
when you push your limbs to maintain an asana
but your face n mind remain calm and peaceful
you have to be both things at once
you have to be able to believe the impossible
or scorn the obvious
could it be its all true
could it be its all false
why do sad songs make us happy
why do opposites attract…shouldnt likes attract?
a fine line between love n hate but arent they opposites?
occult advice for astral travel:
remain awake as you fall asleep!
that could take many lifetimes to master
you cant apply western force to it
yet one can see the possibilities flowering
behind the apparent conundrum
somewhere in nature
there are loopholes in her logic
which once manipulated could….
imagine if it was all tangential to what you thought
imagine if the givens were taken
i always thought there would be some big explosion of light
but the battle is not fought there
nor is the battle fought at all but only with surrender
can you defeat a temptation by indulging in it
can you love your enemies to death
can you remain alert in deep contemplation
can you traverse levels of your reality effortlessly
think without thinking
your mind…can it switch itself off
can you serve or save yourself
the schism between “their” realities
and mine
ever widens
a credibility gap they used to call it
getting harder to believe it
getting harder to swallow ..i need more sugar with it
the more i hide from it
the more exposure i need
everything is and contains its own opposite
life is a multitude of dilemmas
as you think you solve one
others pop out of alignment
theres no end in sight
no respite
it must continue it seems
warm n cosy moments are illusions
so too the hysterical and excruciating
all disappearing like white lines on a highway
stretch out and then gone
gone man gone
like elvis n jimbo n all them other dead’uns
gone into the distant distance

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