posted on December 22, 2007 at 1:36 am

how strange the life
of itinerant musician
and wandering knucklehead
flew a bumpy scary flight into ad a layed
my hotel room is eternal twilight
no day no night
just greyness
theb town hall
no reviews?
no one seems to review us much anywhere anymore
i thought we were pretty damned good
slick professonal in time in tune
there am i yoga lunging and all
playing my stupid heart out
yeah ok says the crowd
thats good…!
cab hotel
i hadnt eaten all day
cept for some bircher muesli on bondi beach at 9 am
that seemed a million years ago
i tucked into smiths crisps and chocky bars(some vegan, huh?)
i washed it all down with swigs outta my gallon bottle of apricot necktar
jesus if that dont give ya an acid stomach nothing will
woke up next day its dark
well its always dark in this mercure hotel
coz it must fold round open itself
all the windows face ventilation chutes
anyway i force window open
look up chute
the mother of all storms mother
is roaming the adelaidian sky
thunder n lightning
buckets of rainy rain
do yoga and qi gong long session
eat morose n lonely lunch breakfast dinner
in mercures foyer
watching people dash thru the rain
pk comes in wet
he found some absinthe drops at ads happy high shop
and yes they were stinky and potent
we drive to aeroport
plane delayed fer hours n hours
the airports usual free internet
and its usual free air conditioning
were not happening
i sat and sweltered
avoiding the other members and crew
who were sitting round talking loudly
finally boarded
some divinyls on plane
chrissy up front in biz
charlie and bass and keys and other charlie
sitting up back near us
their keyboard player walks past me
gimme a c i say
he stops
whats that give you my seat?
no i say gimme a c
a sea hes saying
thinking this olde hippies flipped his gumbo
no a c i say
still he looks puzzled as he walks off to his seat
then he turns around
oh … a c i get it…(nervous laugh)
the flight scared me quite a bit at first
and i was too worked up to sleep
people talk to me
i agree to anything
im so miserable up there
at last we land in purf
the most isolated city on earf
sniffy dogs walking up to me
im avoiding em like crazy
as i dont want them to discover my musicians cigarettes
ben cousens the star footy player appears to get his luggage
the media swamp him
hes the guy had the 7 day straight binge on coke
and then collapsed into the arms of his female companion
holy hell
whyd he do it?
cos it felt good i guess
anyway hes been in more rehabs than that guy in revolving velvet
hes also the best player in the west
so go figger
theyre scared that people will decide
that rec drug use and sport can co-exist
eg couso and the other guy from syd
both # 1
and both done more rec drugs
than you had hot dinners
cousens jumps into a 4 wheel drive driven by
you guessed it
a female companion
and theyre both on the mobiles immediately
as they zoom off to get on
one of our crew watches them sadly
we shoulda got some numbers off him he sighs
the next bit is quite surreal
we get invited to a party at mark m from the divs
we drive for a while outta perth
we come to huge tudor mansion
like something outta the avengers
swimming pool
tennis courts
arabian horses
you name it
his mrs is a famed fashion mogul
apparently doing well at the mo
theres catering
and a screen showing old movies
while a pa pumps out hits past n present
their garden goes on forever into the forest or whatevers
out there in the darkness
i sit on a swing chair
chrissy sits between me and pk
shes pretty interested in the church
and she asks us strange questions
(do we love each other?)(nope!)
shes very gracious and kind
i like her actually
she pays me compliment after compliment
and you know
let me tell ya
its just as hard to take as insults
in that i try to deflect them
when i tell chrissy shes an icon
cos her ms announcement
was on front page all aust newspapers
she says how did they spell chrissy?
ie or y ? she demands
turns out it sposed to be y
we hang about a bit
i talk to most of the divs
mark is a strange cat
youre doing alright olde son i say
and clap him round the shoulders
not really he shrugs
you should fuckin’ come n ‘ave a look at my place then
i laugh and stride off into the darkness
im designated driver and the car is bogged in soft sand
takes a while n added help to unbogg it
nice slow cruise back into perth
this morning the weather is like a stockholm summer day
cool and overcast and soft somehow
we play at 630
im not happy
its too early
the sun will be up
i didnt sign up for that
what choice do i flipping well have
oh well
and only 45 minutes
instead of our hour
guess we’re not so special as guests after all
sorry if anyone in perth has forked outta loada dough
to see us
in these conditions
never mind
i’ll make the most of it anyhow
thats it
more 2 morro

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