posted on April 19, 2006 at 9:29 pm

extra early good morning fiendss
yessaday i run jlk out to his helicopter
and he throws me the keys to the karmic ferrari
and the password that letsa me in
to the incredible serene and convenient
kh heady quarters
the chrome the glass the gold records
the secretary birds
the garish wallpaper
and gratuitous displays of welf
how many did that irish guy sell in asia?
i struggled for this opulence
the secos are all in early
working on khs next strike against
the “straight” music biz
i dont know if you mind me saying it
herr directeur
but its getting hard to tell
whos on whos side here
i mean, did ya really need a sauna and a steamroom
especially as its been erected
im the old sk private office
now gone
so the legions of euro and jap bizness men
can be pampered
while kh skims another cool mill
but for what?
no you silly girls i do not want another
soy hot chocolate with gelatine free marshwiggles
no thank you
yes the kh muesli
soaked in cloudy fresh pressed pomegranate juice
was superb
but next time go easy on the acai
and the wheat grass was a little stringy…
should see the kitchen here
whats jlk running?
a bohemian record co
or a bloomin cordon bleu cuisine noveau?
now leave me alone miss secretary
i have some bloggin to take care of
it wont write itself
if i sit here for my mani and pedi cure
yes my cuticles are slightly …askew
i admit
but please
i banish them
here in this office
i look out to see the pacific ocean
grey and low key this rainy foggy morning
the “straights” head off to their imaginary werk
to keep the great machine stoked up
on statistics memos n boozy lunches
the beautiful surfers ride the waves
regardless of anything else
flat or mountainous
theyre cruising the briny face of the deep
where real monsters loom
well i been listening to three
amazing australian records
and if you fiendss worship me
as much as you should
you should be ordering all the records by
decoder ring
who are an instrumental band with sometimes vox
absolutely beautiful stuff
intricate pulsating atmospheric
symphonic pointillistic
i got all their records
everyone is EXCELLENT
but especially recommend somersault

bluebottle kiss new album
its a double
melodic savage wild great lyrics
surprising inspiring energetic
i think all their records are good
but this new one is GREAT!
elk w/ i liljestrom
hey this is so goode!
talk about euro romantic dark weird
intelligent strange
shes on hi fi mikes album as well
the lyrics are so goode too
fiends check these records out
i really dont think youd be disappointed
at all in any of em
au contraire
they are all fuckin amazin

well more on the woes of fatherhood
as ya know
where i last left ya
aurora been diagnosed with strep throat
gets her meddy-cin
oh no doc
she dont likey that one
she swells up
goes all purple
and her tongue nearly chokes her
she’ll be right
says laconic aussie doc
baby bouncer
no longer bouncing
in fact shes lolling in her bounce chair
like a limp stick of broccoli
eyes droopin’ n runnin’
she looks up kinda sadly
yes dad i got it too
next ms evie starr n i
go out to get some dinner
at lauries
(you should try their tempeh burger
with satay n guac)
by the time we get there
ms esk has thrown in the towel
im sick dad
i dont want anything
so there they are
3 sick pigeons in a row
guzzling tylenol
chewing echinacea
and thermometers protruding
from mouths
taking their tenpacha
as eve says
oh dear
just what ya want for school holidaze
a buncha sick n restless ninnies
stuck inside
and wreaking havoc
one day inside n evies climbin the walls
2 days n shes demolishing em

any way
do kids n rock n roll really mix?
hmmm…thats what i thought

funny reading all the reviews for ultc
seems like some were gonna write the same thing
whatever the fuck the record was actually like
oblique lyrics
dreamy guitars
others seem genuinely surprised by it
and can see we made a great leep forward
i must say that mr fan-borin’s review
on hotelwombat made this olde rocker misty
im glad you like it
and if he bloodywell likes it
then its good enuff for me
but did ya notice that toggle action IS
derived from interlock off jammed
just as youd predicted
you clever little man
wow dude
you write so well in english
id fuckin LOVE to read it in yer mother tongue

how do people get so good in another language?
im serious here
i would faint if most aussie reviewers
could toss phrases around
like our teutonic friend over here

im working on some paintings
have finished my small bit in the movie
(did i tell ya bout the stuff they were
snorting in the party sequence? ha!)
im going over to newt town today
to maybe help davey c w/ his dark movie
(max castle, where are you?)
many things in motion
many things have come to a standstill(ion)
time will reveal all
elli getting better n better
i love you all
good n bad
happy n sad
girl n lad

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