posted on March 26, 2006 at 11:19 pm

mornin’ fiendss
today will be shorter than usual
i gotta million things to do
as ya mite imagine
gotta have mah beardy permed
gotta dye my crows feet
have a bass lesson
get mah charisma injection
have mah teeth whitened
have mah white teethed
read the gossip rags
(justin timberflakeslostsockhell!)
gotta tune up my voice
meee meeee meee
la la la la
learn my scales
remember the words
forget myself
polish my boots
and all the other things
us olde rockahs do
to get helen ready for a gig
oh yeah pam came round last nite
so im sorted for splivves and etc
so ya see i cannae tarry
even tho you need yer fix
i know
go back n read some olde bloggs
if yer really jonesin’ for jazz
an olde bloggy ll “hold” ya
fer 24 hours at least
till i get back to normal
2morro nite is mellbin again
getting mixed by s. pollydogdoodle
(the iconoclast)
its gotta bee goode
its all goode
i feel pretty
i feel pretty
witty n
actually strike that last thought
(its from west side story, you clowns)
ok thats yer nothings werth fer today
i love ya
see ya at the gig
i’ll be the one in the middle
holding the long guitar
bye now
kill bee

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