posted on October 31, 2007 at 1:48 am

hey nerd
sitting around and playing with yourself all day?
wanna travel meet women and earn top dollar?
its easy with quikblog!
youll be a star before you can say gullible!!
quikblog shows you how in one nano second
youll be sitting in a hotel room in paris or rome
by the time you finish the first lesson
or all monies will be gracefully re funded
if youre not spouting advice poetry anecdotes memories
hints tips stories essays etc within one minute
even though you are no fucking keats or yeats
even though you dont know one vaguely glamourous word
even though you couldnt rhyme cat with rat
even if you cant string latinate adjectives together
or come up with unique internal rhyming patterns
or distinguish a simile from a antonym
or extrapolate a rationale from a reverie
even if you are a tongue tied clueless wretch
as adept with the english language as a jellyfish
dont know a verb from a kerb
it doesnt matter!!!
youll be drowning in subscription dollars from a million devotees
in next to no time
people will be commenting in the thousands
before you even type the first word!!!!!!
quikblog will show you how to
*rocket up blog charts like you wont believe
*come up with brilliant pithy blogs for everyman day after day
* be popular at parties when girls realise you are #1 blogstar on earth!!
*impress your friends with your new found riches and adoration
* learn how to use asterisks
quikblog and blogstar guarantee 101 % success
or we will execute the employees you feel have failed you
all will be revealed
no more loneliness or pimples
get rid of unsightly blemishes
learn how to make friends and borrow money off them
all this and more
awaits you
when you are a blogstar of the future
do it now!

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