posted on July 2, 2008 at 9:51 pm

my moment in the sun over
wake up with a horrible cold
time running out like it always has
the clock hammers at it
throwing minutes out into the room
the sixties become the eighties
the eighties become 2008
and even that is now over more than halfway
old age waiting for us all
mysterious death…
white light
black out
what of our individuality
what will survive…?
what will go on
something will prevail…..
outside the weather is cold bright and windy
a huge whale breaches the surface of the sea
leaping unexpectedly into the sky
falling back with a colossal splash
japanese tourists watching at the sealine
the woofles blondish curls dance in the wind
this morning i played moon river for her
the original version from 63
its moon river …i like this song says the woofle
she flashes her eyes and gives me a long thoughtful kiss
of course being the type of olde hippie that i am
and a believer in reincarnation
i’m presuming the woofle heard this in her last life
cos this song sure makes her go strange
she demands an immediate replay
calling in her mother
listen mum..its moon river….are you ready..
when a third play doesnt happen
she breaks down, inconsolable
go away she weeps when i play the las” there she goes”
how could a kid like scarlet love this old song so much?
its july now
i dont know what the future holds
i dont know if the church is touring or what
but i went round polinskis laundry goat studios
and he played me the completed thing of p.killer
and he handed over the master tapes (so to speak)
i must say that he has done a sterling is to be expected
i cant tell you how nice it is to have people you trust
if im singing a song and tim says its good or bad i can trust ‘im
if im getting a haircut or having my painting filmed i call in nelg
nelg knows how to cut my wispy hair and its a relief
a bad haircut or an unsuitable one can be very demoralising
polinski knows how to mix music and thats a relief
other people like m kennedy
and g bennie
and caino
they know how to write music for songs
thats a relief
my brother john
good at b vox…thats a relief too
anyway painkiller should be coming soon
and thats a real relief
maybe we’ll even gig a bite or two
the future is unwritten
just like my next song
somedays i feel like its gonna be ok
otherdays seems so black
just like everyone of course

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