posted on December 31, 2011 at 8:08 pm

new year steve


tour over

last night in melbourne

well i gave it what i had to give

a last minute tune-up by dr gary saves my neck

he certainly knows how to sort out a performer

he got me into shape on all levels

if anyone is serious about seeing him

you can contact me at

i will forward on his deets

anyway melby was proof in the christmas pudding

we just keep getting better

no complacency now we are running on all cylinders

robin danar our american sound guy is a big part

he really delivers

hes a specialist and he’s been doing us on n off 25 years


i really enjoyed doing that show

its new years eve now

scarlet is a bit tired n hyper

eve n aurora are outside in the warm night

a thousand parties erupt

and i keep thinking about that jj cale song after midnight

yeah we’re gonna bang yer tambourine!

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