posted on April 18, 2012 at 6:58 pm

me in my room

the rain hammering tapping knocking inundating intimidating

and me in my room you know

lost i could be anywhere i could be anyone

silver and golden drops on the glass door

suddenly a huge drop will run and swallow all in its path

like a saint approaching the end of earths long day

safe inside warm and dry still i  shiver

still i want to sleep away from this torrential rain

still i want to escape with a door i never find

i just get deeper and deeper into my own life

the further in i go the further out it looks

the rain obliviously falls

increasing and decreasing in pressure upon the isolated village i am in

not in the here and now where i have never been

in this rain soaked jungle shaking at the sky

as lights come and flash dimly below

where everything is implication

where everyone is watching and listening

where the sea meets the land and land meets moon

a crash and the moon flew out of the ocean

some big bang god sending more rain because of atmospheric conditions

i feel out of conjunction with everything

semi-detached like a little house out there

my moorings have frayed my anchor drifts

reality with its hazy grip on the sets of a story

my ears sing so dogs can hear

and there

and there


is a story worth actually telling….


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