posted on July 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm


picking up momentum

secrets only slowly reveal

so many memories

a long eventful life

all those w0rds i write going round

up n down in the pool again

another day will pass

music children painting

more life more to live

in my quiet room

where i work work work

play play play

closer to the sea

courtyard with floorboards and little plants

rain gently falls

my dreams will be amazing tonight i think

symbolic and prophetic and gone by morning

tuesday ruby red will rise from a green sea

no one bothers me or bothers about me here

so quiet

my daughters are all delightful

every single one what a blessing

every day they all amaze me

i hope i dream of some of them at least

let me dream of children i knew half a century ago

yet here i am still fired by some vigour

my mind and energy burn on and on

intensity and focus increase

let me sink into black slumber

where naked velvet flesh downy and fresh

cushioning my endless fall from grace

with the face of a fox tell me that

a spirit honours me with its whispered words

the rainy courtyard is drip drip dripping

buddhas and shrubs in some soft light from windows

i feel a sacred connection to the night outside

grateful for this peaceful room

i will lay down and let my furtive mind wander

in the dormant and deep turmoil of sleep



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