posted on March 4, 2007 at 10:08 am

in the spirit
youre not gonna get any sense outta me tonite
why why why being
ask me not muse
i have travelled n lined up n flown
ive checked out n hung in but not yet cashed up
my room had no towels
so i tell the guy there
he gives me three
i bring one home
its barter system compensation
for my grievance after my shower
or what?
images :
driving thru the weird dry country
thru charming little hamlets (dahlings)
arguing about the name of our new record company
i musta thorta million names
i was saying the bloody street signs in the end
bing bing bypass records i’d hopefully suggest
after some real corkers like illumination records
had been given the thumbs down
um reduce speed records…
i got it
slow records!
no no
wombat mill records…cmon its….!
hours n hours later
every thing that everybody said
had records put on the end
why cant we call it fucked if i know records?
i dunno killa what do you think records?
hey do you know which way it is records?
sorry not me records?
i thought you listened to the guy records
etc etc records
its hard to stop once youve started records
and occaisionally this method does throw up some good ones
but itll just get shouted down in the tumult records
so only do this method by yourself
its not good to let em all in on yer secret source of material
but if ya keep yer eyes n ears truly open, lieblings
then youll find it everywhere
i promise you
yes i do
and i stand by my gold shield starr guarantee
that every blogge of mine is 99% apostrophe free
and i wanted to call the label
* records
yes thats right
* records
cause thats that wily olde time being wriggling out of it
and being enigmatic
with the sorta thing a 5 year old could come up with, right
thats what i am
i have merely retained the five year old
who is constantly amazed at the world around me
me n scarlet walk thru a crowded party full of
bohemian malchicks
hippy yuppies
suntanned goths
pale riders
skatenicks n beatboarders
actors models crazies wouldbees hasneverorwillbes
joe schmoe n his dancing dog jeffree
mr tom tiddlebank the well known sexagenarian
and all these other types
and scarlet as she passes thru them
shes mouthing a silent wow
as i thread my way up in round the party
with her in myarms
like jean simmons in some medieval tearjerker
i focussed in on scarlet
the faces a’blur
shes thinking…..
what is she thinking as she sails thru this sea of faces
well she is enraptured
and her eyes flash n her nostrils flare
as she takes em all in
some of em stop the conversations to talk
to the little creature before them
scarlet looks back at me
a conspiritor
wow she thinks to me
we dont stay very long
shes only there 15 minutes or so
shes quite geed up
i could suddenly see her in another life
in the salons of europe
a woman of substance n ambiguous reputation
where does her confidence n assertiveness come from?
at any rate
she was happy to see me as i jumped outta my cab today
oh yes
geelong theatre
wonderful experience
yes it was
g lee played with us again
lovely venue
nice audients
you know the story dont ya
it was by far the best of the 3
man lane 2 unda rehursed
castle main man
it was just too out there
but i loved it nevertheless
and then it all came 2 gether
it all fell in 2 place
(oh a song coming on here)
and it wasnt 2 long be 4
ah cant be bothered finishing it
its all yours
you jokers in bands
who rifle thru the beings works
looking for ideas
drink up you dreamers
youre running dry
go on
have it
take it
its all yours
and when theyre givin you yer ph d in rocknroll
tell em about fruit machine n how its free form fiasco
blew yer mind before you got into academia
and if youre listenin’ to yonder mimesis samples
yes yes
sk has broken the linguistic hegemony of syntaxial boom bahs
and now i can proceed with my spoken word bling blong
expand upon it
open it up wherever you can
take out some little embedded thing
no one noticed
but youre struck by this tiny little inkling
hidden in there
in a whisper against the pianos n stuff
or a phrase almost inaudible
against the rippling synthesisers
and you think
is that just me
or did i hear that
those simple words
spoke sung like that
it means that…
well i dunno
cos its you feeling it now
you know how it makes you feel
like your on the edge of something
the beginning of the …..
i m not sure what it is for you
im just a travel agent
i say you could go here
or here
or there
or over yonda baybee
im not being too specific
at your leisure…

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