posted on January 21, 2006 at 10:56 pm

sunday again
a lovely day for a ramble
a meander
thru my mind
with you there to keep me honest
make sure that i come clean
i was sposed to be at yoga
but its closed due to fire
the blogg monkey on my shoulder starts up
hey man lets score a little blogg…
ok here we are
me and my monkey
nothing to hide
im just gonna hit random
see what comes up

much attention in aust gutter gossip rags
paid to leaf carrot and peat doe-hurty
for drug offences
wallowing in their self righteous glee
printing carrots mug shot
listing all peats crimes and misdaemeanours
etc etc
build em up
knock em down
fry the small fish
while the leviathans get away
strange world my fiendss
the immanent nature immersing us
the skies, unfathomable
the seas, liquid green skies, themselves
birds and fish
flying through webs
down here on this earth
we encourage em
and we laugh at em
when theyre caught
focussed in on minutiae
the fine red print
rules and regulations
theyll drag yer dick thru the dirt
and tell ya yer name is Mud
jealousy and envy moved in next door
to everyone
i cant live my life
im too busy
wishing i was living yours
we are grown up children
we accept whole monstrous lies
we quibble over words
oh yeah sk,
we heard yer antimaterialistic rant before
i know you have, sweetheart
but im still perplexed
it dont go away with just one rant
the whales are still being a’killed
the bombs are still a’dropping
the worms are still a’lying
and the rest of us
we just want a quiet sunday
ok then
some peace and quiet
ah thats better
calm down
forget all that

my daughter miranda
wrote something in english
(not really her first langwidge, as ya may no)
and olde daddy steven
quite shocked and rocked
by goode yon daughters grasp
of sentence construction
use of unusual words
simplicity and flow
and by the singularity
which flowed thru the piece
a vein of thought
i also felt a certain kilbeyness
a way of seeing things
a way of putting things
now i know parents always trumpet their own kids
and i try to avoid that mostly
never underestimate yer children
they probably are much better
at some things
than you yerself are
i dunno how much i should discuss em here
i dunno if they or you will appreciate that too much
they are quite a nice bunch tho…

so much going on in crunchland
(yep, you already guessed it)
fete openings
you know
secret bigge things coming up
maybe the crunch will climb everest
maybe we’ll hunker down
in antartica for a year
in a biosphere
jamming in a white void
miles from the nearest audience
maybe i should write my auto biography
i mean, who else is….?
06 could be a huge one for the crunch
or maybe the year that nuthin’ happened
its in the lap of yer gods
i just try and let go
i wanna do everything at once
but they tell me you cant
i wanted to release ultc the second after
david trump put the final mix to bed
and now its gonna take this long
guess we’ll all just have to be april fools then
i listened to it the other day
in my kitchen
as i was washin’ up
(yes, anonymous, even genii wash up
actually i have a dishwasher
but i dont know how to use it
i hate the noise
it seems after all that preparation
you might as well
just wash up)
i did listen to ultc
trying to hear it thru your ears
some goode stuffe indeed
by the way
i am reminded
that karmic hit gave all december buyers
a free cd
featuring a few sk thingos
but have not heard ONE word
from anyone anywhere about it
although my tracks are pretty good
my fave is track ten
which is by someone else
and its bloody gorgeous!!
try to get a copy if you don’ have one yet
its FREE baby!!!!
this blog contains no swearwords today
in honour of my mother joycie
who will wade thru the politics drugs and rock
but NOT the #*&%*^$ing swearing
this blogs for you

but i may not be able to keep it up
for too long

im thinking of an experiment
an experiment on myself
you see
ive got a foot in two boats
that are starting to drift away
from each other
on one side is yoga swimming meditation fruit etc
on the other
is pot chocolate alkyhole party drugs sweets etc
im thinking of going straight
not “straight”, paula
but straight
get off ALL the badde stuffe
the stuff thats binding me to maya
the heavy tripe thats weighin’ my spirit down
you see
i have had half a revolution
but now i have to purge
some of the things
that i SEEM to love
ive gotta get clearer
i gotta take the guesswork out of this
see what i can really do
it means no drugs
no tea or coffee
no sweets
it means 30 laps 6 times a week
it means yoga for at least an hour
every day
it means meditating at least 90 minutes a day
it means total veganism
it means regular fasts
it means contemplation and reflection
they are the ideals
i did maintain this regime once
twenty years ago
after six weeks i was communicating with animals
(i don’ care if ya laugh)
i was ready willing and able
to do whatever you wanted
i tumbled outta bed every morning
laughing and saying whats next?
i was going up and up
i was slowly approaching god
and then
the crunch toured the u s a
enuff said
i have been thinking of conducting this
experiment in realisation on myself
for our information
to see whatll happen
i got all you
to keep me honest
as i said before
and everytime
im tempted
i will think of ye
and resist

but i aint started yet..
i gotta sneak up on it
when its not looking
sk is a saint!

i love you
i guess

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