posted on June 26, 2012 at 7:15 pm

my guitar is my staff : charged with my energy : it is in symbiosis with me

where would we be without music?

powerful stuff

how does it work?

nobody knows

i can write it i can play it i can sing it

but i got no idea how it works

musics like a car to me

i know if i do certain things i will get to where i want to go

but i have no idea why good music feels so good

how do i write music these days?

well if i’m on my own i fiddle about

i may have some vague shadowy thing in my head

like i want to write a cross between all my favourite songs in one

othertimes i just goes with the flows

like debussy

automatic writing

i pick up an instrument …phrases come to me out of the blue

it is like that for me now with all my endeavours

a geeza sends me a song

sing on this please sk

ok yeah


a couple of hours later i dreamed up the words sang all the parts

no problem

where did it come from?

i dunno but i know it will be there

having duly honoured my muse and creativity

i feel like i am now rolling easy

i can do whatever i want to do

vis a vis music painting and writing

i expect to do something bloody good

and i almost bloody well do sometimes

i observe myself endlessly pulling stuff outta the ether…

i pay for it in other ways tho of course

i am a bit of a foolish fellow…you have to understand

and now half deaf i am almost quite comical

rambling on when i get the wrong end of the stick

i do that quite frequently

i should shuttup and work

my work is all i’m good at

i have so much work to do

i have some serious writing commissioned

i have some paintings commissioned

i have songs commissioned

i have guest appearances being booked

i speak i act i perform i reminisce

i sometimes make em laugh with my old palaver yes

i keep the people here entertained

yesterday i asked scarlet if she’d rather a bike or a unicorn

after a bit of thought she said oh a unicorn i guess

then i rang up the imaginary bloke at the bondi junction unicorns R us

and i’m talking to him in a very grown up voice

and scarlets eyes are widening all the time

yes yes i want a flying unicorn please…do you have any left?

the guy mutters some apology

only 3 left sir this afternoon

i tell scarlet

her eyes are wide now like saucers

she wants to believe it but she’s not saying much

any females? i ask

but the guy says he’s only got males

i tell scarlet about 7 year old snuffly the male flying unicorn

would you like a little male, scarlet?  i ask

but she shakes her head

i have a bit of an argument with the bloke

i mean you’d think they’d bloody well have some little females wouldn’t you?

i mean c’mon is there a unicorn shortage?

anyway  after some grumbling i hang up

scarlet looks thoughtful

about 5 minutes later she comes up

she’s looking very serious now

dad I’ve changed my mind





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