posted on February 4, 2008 at 2:02 pm

music uncrush me
with a song in my heart
i awaken with a tingling
i brush my eyes
i part my seas
i memorize the position of the still extant stars
i am exchangeable
i am fortunate
i am bits n pieces of other people
i am angry i am sad
i am the residue from DMT
i am the result of modulation
i am fast still fast faster than your eye
i am with some difficulty
i am wade down in time
i am speaking english now
i am a man a man a man
people write a bout me
me me me me me me me me me me
there i said it and i said it
i know a world
i have seen differences
i have been amongst you unbeknownst
i travel in cog neat oh
i unravel in full sight of you all
did you want to continue
observe the know smoking sign
thank you for shifting the contents during the flyte
thank you for chewsing kilbey prod-ducts
thank you for your dough-nation
i am be-will-dud
i am i am i am
i is is is
i are i are
i am in a star trek book ha ha ha
yes its so true
get it
read about me
3rd prize!
i am eskey inglesias in booko
in the few-cha baybee
tim is groping an alien
ho ho ho
what on earth?!!!!
check it out check it out
mu mu
a tu-tu for to-to at 2 to 2 too
ok thats it

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