posted on March 4, 2012 at 9:20 pm

the burning bush

in the quick black night

a fresh cool breeze

the sibilant trees

the fox red in the forest

the lamb white against black grass

the castle with its rooks and ravens

the hotel with its chicks and wolves

the boat with its oars and hands

the street with its voices and silences

climb down mossy steps cool white

the frogs make no sound

the moon has been left all muddy

at the station a carriage perhaps

at the front desk a message

at the wedding of magic and science

at their destructive separation

audition disguises

but we are torn in two

a treacherous knave

these laughable lies

betrayal of a great champion

bellflowers trampled in royal gardens

the hounds want the fox

the crowd want the blood

the story branches off

this way dreams

that way doldrums

my heart powers the wheel that pushes these figments

my music in their veins

my ether in their earth

my theorem of creation never to be unproved

my merging of light and sound and love

my pursuit of exhaustion

i brought them velvet thunder that fell from icicle skies

i brought them delicious mayhem

i brought them the sound of empire  falling open

the morning already fled

the pack is waiting

the day ahead is long and cold and bleak

a trudge through oblivion

a walk in the park

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