posted on December 2, 2007 at 5:28 am

1. i hate cricket
what a boring load of codswallop
i particularly hate the way it prevented several of the churches
vids from airing on a pop show in australia in the eighties
because the cricket came before anything
i once wagered a man in the public service 50 dollars in 1976
that more people in our office had heard of david bowie
than dennis lillee or whoever it was
i lost the bet
2. silverchair
this may be unaustralian to say so or something but
i never heard one thing by them i didnt think was awful
3. brendan nelson new leader of the libs…..two chances, buckleys and none
4. ads that promise men their hair back with faked pictures of regrowth:
listen if there was one thing that would make a gazillion bucks overnight
it would hair restorer but it aint been invented….yet
now at 53 i must admit my locks aint as thick as they once were
but i dont think theres really much to be done (readers tips?)
its still nice and brown…the greys all in the beard
but its wispy and fine and thinning
i was walking behind a guy the other day
oh he had such lovely hair
thick black and shiny
the wind playing in it was a delight to behold
if only if only if only i was thinking
and then i saw his face
the lovely hair only served to emphasise his ugliness
and it suddenly all changed
a bit like robert plant
the hair of a sixteen year old girl
and the face of 100 year old debauchee
i blame my dad for my obsession with hair
he was always saying
look at roger moore , slim
‘is bloody hairs looking awfully thin…
thanks to my dad
one of the first words in my vocab was toupee
he’d always say stuff like
oh yes but he had a lovely head of hair!
and oh god
so many ways to go bald
so many cruel humiliating ways (if you care)
i guess i been fairly lucky
if you lined up all the 53 year old blokes in the world
i guess i’d probably have more hair than say 70 per cent of em
as ive said
a big thick mop of hair on top of a ugly olde face
can be quite repulsive
(come in sur elton)
keith richards hair went real weird didnt it
micks got a fuckin amazin’ barnett (thats hair to you americans)
(and how did that happen? his dad was completely bald)
but still
i’d rather look like keith
ronnie woods hair
is the kinda hair i really lust after for myself
you could do anything with that hair….
anothing about hair
it keeps the radiating aust sun from blasting your scalp
aint it human nature though to want what you cant have?
funnily enough though
my face is benefitting from my veganism n yoga
gone gone all the cheesy sag and pale jowl and double chin
in its place comes my real face
just as the real me emerges from the wreckage of the heroin days
every one who sees me says
oh you looking so healthy
yes im looking like myself again
but even more
and you may laugh at this
and some of you wont believe it
but i dont fear age if i can age like this
and everyone could age gracefully
if they put some maintenance into it
someone wrote to me a while ago on my comments
asking me what it was like for a once handsome man like me
to now be olde and ugly especially in regards to “the ladies”
well of course, im married now so i dont put it to the test
but i feel more happy about being me now
than i did back then
and my face carries the scars and story of my life
the wrinkles round my eyes my laughter and tears
my frowns and my thoughtfulness
my once visible again cheekbones…money couldnt buy em
thin red lips and yellow teef
my multi coloured beard
my nose which is rather nice but always red
my jawline which has returned
clearly defined against my long relatively unwrinkled neck
my skin freckly and tanned , could be a candidate for skin cancer
my body returning to its real shape slowly but surely
weak arms
strong legs like rock
small hands
broad feet
little body hair
strengthening and becoming more flexible
the opposite of aging
well thats yoga and veganism and swimming for ya
and the gall/ego/honesty to examine this old bag of bones for ya
it aint me
not the hair or the eyes or the balls or the toes
its just a fleshsuit worn by me
and this mind aint me either
its just an apparatus i think through
but im lost in this world of bodies and minds
i like her mind
i like his body
i dont like that body or mind etc
caught up in it
the bewildering superficiality of appearance
i’d rather chat to a pretty young woman than a fat olde geezer
even though i know that actually the spirit underneath both is god
i ve learnt my lessons but i aint digested em
ants bite me while im doing yoga outside
and i do my block and fucking squash em
and the uni-verse laughs and says
kilbey what a wanker
i make no claims that i’m right or superior or anything
its interesting to dissect this mass of organic material
that has organised itself into steve kilbey
a temporary sent to earth to learn how to love and live
just like the hair thing
im doing better than a lot of em
but trailing a long way behind the goode guys
whoever the fuck they are
(the people who put their own lives on the line)
i think those hair ads are particularily naughty
the baldies know in their heart of hearts theres no hope (yet!)
but they ,for a variety of reasons get sucked in
its cruel
and its misleading
so a pox on all their houses
i say
as i get older
what does it matter
we’re all worm fodder
beautiful ugly fat thin
its just so hard to believe it, isnt it?
you know youll die… logically thinking
but the thought refuses to take any real root
its a kind of necessary procrastination
the more attachments you have here
the harder it is to leave
thats why jesus said that thing about the rich man
getting into heaven..
i really dunno
go on
forget about all this
enjoy your sundae

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