posted on May 21, 2010 at 11:45 am

i hurtle thru time
over all my hurdles
burn out my brains
endure triumphs failure
mitigate my virgin version
fuck i dont know
made mad
sanely insane in vein in vain
burn out my brains
oh extraordinary life
a shame you cant live it for me
wildly careering all over the place
hedonistic heavens colliding with hideous hells
one minute one thing
next minute next thing
things move around
my fender jazz bassguitar sometimes plays itself
my pictures incompleted
my mail unopen
my male
the man in my mansuit
he dont let up
i cant count on anything
shoot short films on my lappy
download your app onto my mac
wind down slowly with a blast of bile
ignore me applaud me adore me deplore me
move thru cycles of the moon
my service has been interrupted
my rapture a rupture
a sutra the future
a fait accomplis
seems my homage discontinued
even tho we are all liars and phoneys
private dicks
and one trick ponies
its 144 its gross man
its the most man
glorious host man
here i remain
within my suit
everything at my fingertips but nothing handy
flying driving arriving
walk on walk off
make em laugh
keep it simple
hit the notes
note the hits
call it quits
some good bits
off key behind the door of sleep
i weep n weep in my dreams
i wish i was more of me
at least they say as their voices trail off
a beautiful fervour has flavoured my favours
my column crumbled oh well columns cant last forever
tomorrow is here knocking at my drawbridge
i fidget in my suit of rooms
in the many mansions of the lord
where hopefully we will wander
re united in eternal life
beyond this dark place
unprepared to pay the cost

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