posted on November 5, 2008 at 7:36 pm

obviously it is not my field of expertise
but was very pleased to see obama win u.s. elexion
he SEEMS like a very decent kinda bloke
and his academic record (yawn) is blah blah blah
(what the hell wood i know?)
i fear for his life
knowing his death would instantly trigger a kind of civil war
and already reading the white nazi idiots reactions
weve got those imbeciles in every country
uh huh
they definitely got em here…witness cronulla riots
they definitely got loads of em in england
they even got em in scandinavia
where some old school vikings
would like to chuck out all the forbannad svartskulls
(accursed black heads)
you know
will fucking humanity ever get over this thing?
will dogs n cats ever forgive each other
or is it just all part of the obstacle course
that is life on earth…?
in my last life
as you recall
under hypnosis
i was an indian bloke, a sikh hating the english
for what they had done to india
hating the bloody english defined me
as i died i was still obsessed with my hatred
so what did i appear as
but a white puny little english git
the very thing i despised the most
einsteins 13th law :you always become what you hate
(just watch that principle in action, folkss!)
so i kinda feel like i should know
this race thing is a temporary thing
just a one more thing to create friction/diversity down here
one more thing to get over before you move on
the goals change all the time
you gotta adjust
you gotta perceive
you gotta move on
when i was a kid
a mere 50 years ago
my favourite sweets were licorice “cigarettes”
they came in a packet like a ciggy box(another BAD idea)
and the brand name : nigger boy
complete with the most horrific little drawing of that boy
with all the racial exaggerations you can imagine
there was a show on telly as late as the early seventies
the black n white minstrels
the white minstrels were caucasian ladies
the black minstrels were white blokes with boot polish
on their faces complete with big lips n big white eyes
it was so fucking weird
but it had been on telly ever since i could remember
singing songs like
way down upon the swannee river etc
is this racism?
or some trad jazz tradition…?
i’m a bit confused as to what this shows intentions were
i’m sure its on you tube somewhere
this incredible world with all its shameful secrets…
the unbelievable capacity we have to hate n fear each other
ridicule each other because of this n that
havent you?
no matter how much we like barry obama
theres a whole loada klansmen n stuff
who surely will not
and feeling like this will bring on the armageddon they crave
one would imagine someone somewhere is gonna try n
put in a fix on him
its naive to believe it aint so
tho i pray n wish that it might not happen
because if mr obama is as much as hurt
it will surely bring on the long american night
i’m thinking that maybe we had to have bush
so we could have obama (ying n yang?)
yes i say WE
whoever america elects
the rest of us have to fucking suffer
( if n when theyre turkeys…)
its not like u.s. presidents keep to themselves
after world war 2 the u.s. has monkeyed around with this world
often with the most gruesome bloodthirsty results
epitomized by vietnam
a useless war which was totally unnecessary
which took an incredible toll on women n children n civilians
just think of all the residents of hanoi
bombed night after night after fucking night
burning n screaming n hideously mutilated
it was that same olde pack of white protestant anglo saxon gits
the olde geezers who dont fight themselves
but happy to get loads of others killed
bush n cheney the modern ones
back then we had lbj
n bob menzies in aust
old school belligerent numbskulls
go to some place where ya not wanted
n kill the locals
who have different skin/customs/religion
why doesnt everyone just stay put?
if everyone stayed at home theyre be no fucking wars
no one ever wins
the losers lose
the winners lose
the onlookers lose…
where am i going with this
well i just hope old obama doesnt get pushed into malarkey
by all the others
the generals n halliburton n cia n illuminati n whoever else
keeps thinking up reasons to get more people killed
is the president able to resist such pressure?
is that what got jfk killed?
i’d say yeah…n a few other things
so baracks got a big mess to clean up
will they let him do it?
ok call me a dunce
but i dont understand this:
you can spend one bazillion bucks a day on subjugating iraq
but you cant afford health care for the poor
or to fix up the levies in new orleans…
can someone explain that fucking bullshit?
if my kids get sick
i take em to local quack
he sees em
no money even changes hands
surely the u.s. could afford that
most countries got that…why not the u.s.?
will “they” let obama sort this out?
and if not…why not?
another thing
i was dismayed to hear obama using all that american jingoism
that the rest of the world hates so much
and which has indeed proved dangerous to our hopes of peace
mccain was hitting the same old AMERICA stuff
during his extraordinarily gracious concession speech…
when will these guys realise that a patriot
is someone who believes his country is the best
merely because he was born there….
drop the star spangled banner routine boys
thats what the rest of the world DONT want
all that john wayne my country right or wrong tripe
and george w “we’ll smoke em out!”
hey its 2008
those days are over
hopefully barack obama signifies an end to the cowboy era
and a new day can dawn of the intellectual urbane president
one whos on everybodys side
a peace loving man whos gonna heal some of those scars
i love america
have you been there?
its got the BEST n the WORST
my wife is american
eve n aurora are american
i got a huge vested interest in this
i’m tired of fuckin’ kneejerk anti-americanism
i’m tired of the old school cowboys n their ‘orrible wars
mr obama
dont get shot
heal the rifts
sort out the poor
fix up new orleans
make sure i get my next entry visa
i’m really sorry for what i did in 1999 in nyc
and i’m now completely norbal (again)

joe biden was mates with natalies uncle gary who died recently
gary was an active democrat in delaware at all the functions
how sad that he never got to see this happen
just think
the time being woulda had a contact in the whitehouse
now people
lets make this happen now for barry!

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