posted on February 26, 2008 at 7:41 pm

its a thundery morning in north bondi
my 4 girls sleep on
elli n minna sleep on round the corner too
am i lucky?
i am
i am a very lucky man
my daughters
my wife
my friends who are all of you
im always so touched by your concern
im sitting here wearing a krsna/vishnu long sleeve t shirt
given to me by ms x
who has also given me some of the most amazing art supplies ever
stuff i never heard of, never woulda bought
all picked out with originality and flair
always exactly what i needed
even if i didnt know it
she sends my kids wonderful art supplies too
which ALL children love
she sent me these new pastels called pan pastels
applied with different applicators
its enough to get me going on a new painting spree
i wasnt real happy with my last lot of paintings
not the ones that went missing…they were good
just the ones before that
its like songwriting periods
sometimes you churning em out
sometimes youve been inspired
well now
im inspired
and im inspired about music
and im inspired about words
and im inspired about the rich knowledge
that flows to me in my fifties
the fruit of years of struggling and yearning
let me tell you being fifty three is not all bad
dont fear middle age you younger fiendss out there
i have no desire to be 23 no no no no
only for the time it would give me
but each man gets only one life as that man
and as painful as it must be
we will have to relinquish our masks….
i am learning about paint and pastels at a rapid rate
oh all those wasted years…
music too
my voice….
learning how to use it
what it is capable of…
yesterday after all the money baloney
i drive out to tims
when i get there
we worked not on new church album
as i thought we would
but we finished up work on the shriek soundtrack
the churches soundtrack for the book “shriek”
a weird fantasy by jeff vandermeer
tim and i had such a blast
we locked in our intentions
we secured a modus operandi
and we nailed it
using passages from the book
i sang screamed whispered pleaded ranted and raved
over the top of the churches roiling boiling music
guitars flutter and float and shake and shudder
we added some strings and leslied piano
tim jumps in shadowing my voice perfectly
almost everything we do is right!
that happens with painting too
everything you do is right
like some hand guides you
like some intelligence feeds you the clues
sometimes you can do no wrong
i play some accoustic guitar
it changes the angle of the tracks
my basslines are sexy and snaky
i go in the laundry and bang tims washing machine
with mallets
and all the drum bits hanging up in there
and tim does what sounds like a looping sample
of some old egyptian guy praying or something
and i go in with some chanting and grunting
very maori says tim smiling
we just add and add
tim does his studio trickery on the computer
work on into the night
i had a goodtime
and we finished it
the long lonely drive from tims to home
in the rain
listen to kate bushes aerial and rocknroll animal
although not an extreme fan of twin lead guitar harmony solos
the guitar playing on this is gloriously celestial
intertwining and climbing
steve hunter and dick wagner these guys were called
and the arrangements on here are almost classical in detail
in 1974 this album knocked my socks off
it makes the drive back to bondi more bearable
over anzac bridge
down the tunnel
up in rushcutters bay
up the hill in belvue heights (however ya spell it)
down the other side into vaucluse
then bondi
the rain abates
not a bad days work
things arent so bad
just financial…
its still a worry tho’
not for my sake
i can live on literally nothing
and i have
but fambleys need money
and ya gotta get that soy bacon on the table
nose to grindstone!

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