posted on February 12, 2007 at 7:36 pm

name:kilbey steven john
born :13 9 54 , welwyn garden city , england
religion : church of england
sex : male
occupation : musician
country of citizenship : england
country of residency : australia
married : yes
children : 5
current abode : nth bondi, nsw 2026
aka : the killer, the time being, nevets yeblik, slim
height : just under 6 feet
weight : 13 stone/ 82 k
blood type : O
previous occupations : n/a
mobile ph : n/a
type of food preferred : gourmet vegan
type of food not prefferred : anything dead, eggplant, cucumber
favourite drink : jaeger n red bull
favourite smoke : neils purple heads
favourite music : spacerock, ambient, trex, bowie, dylan, beatles, stones
be bop deluxe, television, jeff buckley, la dusseldorf, harmonia
big star, krautrock, progrock, shoegazers, glamrock, go-bes, triffids
indian, sheila chandra, harold budd, john foxx,
least favourite music : rap, boy bands, girl bands, grunge, heavy, country
opera, trad-jazz, disco, dance, doof-doof,retro, fifties, schmaltz
type of female you like : no makeup, no perfume , must like music, non carnivorous
type of female you dont like : bitchy madeup gossipy drunken smoking bints
type of male you like : straight but not “straight” , no make up no perfume, non carn
type of male you dislike : macho or effeminate, threatening or simpering
stupidest thing you ever did : telling meat eaters to piss off
best thing you ever did : telling meat eaters to piss off
hopes for future : would like world peace, the complete defeat of meat
and a small villa in vaucluse
fears for future : more war, more meat and stuck here above noisy bunch
proud of : biting the hand that feeds
regrets : not biting hard enough while i had better teeth
advice to bon bon : i wouldnt pay 500 hundred bucks for a kramer
in fact, believe it or not, they gave me a kramer acc bass
(back in the ye olde day)
and i gave it back to em cos i couldnt endorse it
i reckon theyre heavy useless things
buy a fender…the rolls royce of basses
advice to peter podcaste : brother, dont undermine me then
whats coming up : more blogges
the play is coming back for 9 shows in march
the chirch tour europe april 07
stories n pictures of aurora kilbey
who is reading this over my shoulder right now
now shes sitting on my lap
telling me about proper nouns
q: aurora what kind of world do you want for the future?
a : i dont really know what ya mean…
q: aurora , wh….
a : uh i gotta go to the bathroom…write something for me, dad..
q : would you like to eat some lamb?
a : no
q : why not?
a : everybody knows im a vegetarian
weve been joined by eve
eve is wrapped in a doona
unseasonably cool here
eve looks like a wood spirit
with her corkscrew n tangly chestnut hair n hazel eyes
aurora looks like a palomino with her blonde straight hair n brown eyes
they both have very nice white teeth
how long is this thing going to be sighs aurora
eve stares off into space
is this yer blogg? says aurora
aw i wish i could write a blogge!
whats it like being a twin?
aurora : very hard i tell you that
eve : hard
what kind of boys do you like?
aurora : im sorry im not gonna answer that
eve : none (a lie)
whats your favourite film?
aurora : looney tunes
eve : i dont know, im really tired
are you?
eve : yeah, i dunno im just really tired
and i dont wanna even go to school
aurora : maybe yer sick
eve : im not sick im just tired
me : what are you doing today
aurora : we dont know
me : if i gave you 10 bucks what wouldya buy?
aurora : maybe some art supplies
eve : a little pet
aurora : youd like a horse wouldnt you
me : what do you guys think about your fathers music?
aurora ; excellent-ay
eve : best music in the world
me : best thing about your dad?
aurora : dad theres so many good things about you
i dont know which one to pick…
me : have a go..
aurora : i cant…hmmm he takes us to the beach a lot
me : worse thing about me?
aurora : sometimes you make us leave straightaway after school
eve : thats mine too
can you quote any lyrics by me?
aurora : i was a down in the city onna mirakel street
eve : i wish i knew what you were looking for
best thing about the bumper?
aurora : she gives kisses
eve : shes really funny
worst thing?
aurora : she throws things at ya
eve : shes a bit of a pain
best thing about life?
aurora : um…long pause …having friends n growing up
eve : i dunno im too tired
me : go back to bed then…
she does
aurora calls after her
why didnt ya answer some more off daddys questions huh?…
i been answering em before you even got up…
thats it

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