posted on December 26, 2015 at 9:24 pm
youre with me most every night

youre with me most every night

the gorgeous swan white on black lake

the grey and rumbling heavens hove sombre above

warm warm rain interpolates the very air dividing the moments

you said

follow me we will gatecrash the jungle and take the vines by surprise..!

i find myself drifting under canopy

no no wake up..!

says a voice in another room

liana snakelike on green velvet moss

startled silence of the forest mind

the matriarch of all the trees detects our presence here

tendrils trailing in limpid air taking in tiny atoms of liquid

the sudden cool in the heart of the arbour

an old statue of a beautiful goddess smiling in her ruin

crumbling temples groan in the thunder

here here here…

they whisper somewhere

in the swampy darkness of abandoned pavilion

my pineal gland once struck by light

lit up then only in the glow of my mind

safely out of the deluge and indulgence in it

the phantasmic fever fucked with my gringo head

sometimes i was on my own in a beautiful wooden apartment

i wandered through its rooms exuberantly lost and looking for you

i picked up on cities long disappeared with the arrogance of a beginner

these lovely books of this house this suite of moving rooms

the wildflowers tamed and wilting in a vase

the footsteps at night that rush across the floor

the garden overgrown  a luxuriant sloth a hum of distant bees

oh the pretty little stars are all shining for you in zephyr debris

i expect the sound of a voice in a song that rings on all along

creatures all around enter the evening but none will leave it unscathed

all crave nights scintillating blisses followed by the graves warmest darkest slumber

the empath will recoil to touch this night of all nights

its ambition has blotted out the horizons and all is still

on a balcony i’m kinda waving myself goodbye

i see this from a porthole and smile as i fly

the wind has dropped

and the view over chimneys and billboards is shocking

railyards festering in rusted light dim clang of all aboard!

hawkers and peddler bellowing in frozen time

i wish i could have stayed to see your face when you got home from wherever you are

never mind

the smoke is my rainbow

and the crowd cries my tear

its ok here




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