posted on January 30, 2010 at 3:41 am

sit in my room of rooms
unbelievable mess
surely only days away from over hall
books n cds pile up
a squalid mass of old wrappers
hot sultry afternoon
have swum n done one yoga
have eaten 2 bowls of muesli
have drunk a soy cappo
people coming over
people just left
my finger types types types
an extraordinary life
anxieties manifesting
creativity surging
getting it done but getting further behind
further n further behind
taking it all in like a blue whale
straining out the krills and the thrills
talking bout music
talking bout life
talking bout the way things are down here
summer undisputed indisputable king
angry clouds
angry sun
wind whips up
its saturday
what does that mean to a man like me…?
i dunno
you tell me

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